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Jul 15th

Virginia Christian Alliance Presents:
Our Honorees
VCA Promotes 7 Major Issues That Need To Be Addressed In America Today.
We are pleased to honor people that have had a far reaching impact in those issues. We look at them as defenders of what God has commanded: they are our heros.



Dr. Pat Robertson

Founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network and the 700 Club

Pat Robertson's own mission statement is, "I want to be part of God's plan of what He is doing on earth, and I want to bring Him glory." He has managed to do that through his ministry in a number of ways.
The son of a Virginia Senator, Phi Beta Kappa at Washington & Lee University, a Marine combat officer in Korea, a law degree graduate from Yale, the grandson of two Baptist clergymen, and a businessman – that was Pat Robertson until he came to know Jesus and went into the ministry. His father taught him to be a public servant with a good work ethics and his Mother constantly reminded him, "Pat, God has a plan for your life, and you will never be happy until you are in the center of that plan."
As a part of Pat's ministry, he has spread the message of conservative values. He even ran for President and had a great following of like-minded people. He had as his goal to restore the greatness of America through moral strength. He did not win, but it made him realize that his bid for president was a part of God's plan for him. It is possible that the purpose was to activate thousands of evangelical Christians into government and help them understand that they were citizens with as much right to express their beliefs as any activists in the radical agenda. Patriotic, pro-family Christians learned the simple techniques of effective party-organizing and campaigning.
The part of his ministry that has given him the most recognition is his Christian television program. He founded the Christian Broadcasting Network in 1960. In 1963 he had the first telethon in which he asked 700 viewers to join the "700 Club" by pledging $10 a month because the ministry needed $7,000 per month to meet expenses. It was successful and Robertson began daily broadcasts. He is the author of many books and a speaker at many events. Pat Robertson has been married to Dede and has four children and fourteen grandchildren. He sees himself as a winner because he put his hand in God's and walks down the road with Him.


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