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Jul 22nd

Virginia Pastors are Losing the Culture Wars

Are Virginia pastors allowing fear or a fundamental misunderstanding of the Constitution and the law to silence their tongue from the pulpit when it comes to political, social and cultural issues of the times?  Issues such as homosexuals in the military, homosexuals in the pulpit and gay marriage are not being addressed from Virginia pulpits.  Pro-life, illegal aliens and other hot topics are void in the church house.  Is the reason the fear of being political or fear of ruffling feathers and possible bad press or a lawsuit.  

On June 16, 2011, a breakfast sponsored by the Virginia Christian Alliance and Fredericksburg Christian Schools, Virginia's Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli spoke and addressed these issues facing Virginia pastors.

VCA_Prayer_Breakfast_AG_CuccinelliPhoto by Don BlakeCuccinelli urges clergy to get politically involved, reports Chelyen Davis  of  the Free Lance-Star, because if they do not, they just leave these critical issues to the other side.

He said that many religious leaders avoid political issues altogether. But to do so, he said, means not discussing important social issues like abortion or marriage, and means abdicating a spiritual responsibility to talk about such real-world topics that he said fall at the intersection of faith and action. 

If pastors avoid political topics altogether, Cuccinelli said, “you’ve just left the field to the other side.”

He said that historically, religious leaders have been strong movers behind some social changes. 

Cuccinelli told the pastors that the law—primarily written under IRS guidelines for tax-exempt charities—allows them to advocate personally for both causes and candidates. 

They can even fundraise or run for office themselves.

Read full article on the Free Lance and urge your pastor to get politically involved so we can "push back" and stand for what is right and true.

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