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Jul 20th

Gospel of Life Ministries Voter Guides for the 2012 Elections

The Gospel of Life Ministries has release two quick reference documents,Voter Guides for 2012 Elections and are available on our website's home page, on the right side where you will find several other excellent guides for your study.

Their About Us page states:

It is evident to serious minded Christians of all denominations that our nation and our society are in the greatest crisis of modern times. Out of control judges have begun to use their authority to drastically alter the time honored institutions of marriage, family and education to advance an ungodly agenda that threatens the spiritual, physical, social and psychological well-being of individuals and families.

bible-american-flagSuch extreme practices as partial-birth abortion, unrestricted abortion on demand, court-ordered starvation and dehydration, homosexual "marriage" and many more atrocities are signs of an elitist judiciary bent on foisting an agenda on the nation that is totally contrary to its sacred moral traditions....Read more.

Here is the 2012 Presidential Voter Guide (pdf) and the 2012 Party Platform Comparison (pdf)

Here are more voter guides for your study:

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