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Jul 18th

Sanctity Of Life

Just Decision Made for Baby Justice

VIRGINIA CHRISTIAN ALLIANCE supports the CENTER FOR BIO-ETHICAL REFORM as they bring the displays of aborted babies to Virginia universities, comparing them with other acts of genocide.

One of our CBR-Southeast Project Directors spoke in her church about her ministry with CBR. This pro-life church already supports CBR, but in her presentation she showed first-trimester abortion victim photos. This was a first for her church. These photos are essential to awaken the conscience of the church to fight the evil of abortion.

She did not know that a young woman in the congregation was scheduled to abort the following Saturday because she was pregnant as a result of a gang rape. God spoke to “Melanie’s” heart. After seeing the CBR abortion victim photos, she knew she couldn’t abort her child and she told her parents about the rape. With their support, she made the courageous decision to carry her baby to term and then placed him for adoption with a family from the church. Justice was born earlier this year and Melanie gave CBR permission to share his photo with our supporters. Melanie is now in a college ROTC program and she’s starting a Students for Life club on her campus. Pray for God to bless her and dear little Justice.

Many people think abortion is permissible if a woman is raped. At CBR, we oppose all abortions. These little children do not deserve to die for the crimes of their fathers. Having an abortion will not “unrape” a woman. She will only add more trauma to her life; she did not choose the rape, but she will bear responsibility for having an abortion. Society also bears a large part of the responsibility for each abortion done on a rape victim as it tells the woman who has been raped: “Of course you will have an abortion. How could you bear to carry the child of a rapist?!”

We have a GAP sign that speaks to the issue of rape using the example of honor killings. Our message is to ask if people are horrified to learn that in some cultures women who have been raped are then killed by male relatives in “honor killings,” how can we in America turn around and kill the other victim -- the child that was conceived?

All children are made in God’s image regardless of the circumstances of their conception. He has a plan for each person’s life. We must educate people and work to protect all the little ones.

“You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created” Revelation 4:11





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