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Jul 20th

Sanctity Of Life

Virginia Turns Out to Support LIFE and Protest Planned Parenthood

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: At Planned Parenthood on Hamilton Street in Richmond, Virginia, protest organizer Leslie Blackwell said, “I used to be pro-choice. I used to be the one out there, ‘Don’t you ever take my choice away,’ and it’s because I was not being honest.” (read more on Brietbart News)

“If you’re really pro-choice, you’re pro what? Pro killing babies? Let’s say what it is,” she asserted, reports NBC12.

#‎ProtestPP‬ National Day of Protest Against Planned Parenthood April 23 2016 in Richmond Virginia in front of a facility that has taken the lives of thousands of babies.

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It was a good crowd for a cloudy morning, but the sun came out and about 150 people had a blessed experience hearing moving personal testimonials from a half dozen speakers. Both men and women shared their stories. Va Delegate Dave David A. LaRock of Northern Va was the featured speaker. Dave LaRock is a true champion in the General Assembly for life and family.

 Major news sources across the nation and the state of Virginia took notice and g voice to the unborn children whose lives are taken every day by Planned Parenthood and other abortion mills across Virginia

Groups stage protest at Richmond Planned Parenthood center


Thanks Richmond Times-Dispatch for your news coverage today at the Protest Against Planned Parenthood! Don Blake Craig Johnson Baird Stokes

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Anti-abortion protest draws dozens in Richmond

During an anti-abortion protest Saturday in Richmond, across the street from the Planned Parenthood center at 201 N. Hamilton St., Baird Stokes told protesters that his mother was just $19 short of aborting him 63 years ago.

Richmond Times-Dispatch

2 580 13055555 10206801389495832 5968966436844565822 nLeslie Davis Blackwell, VA Regional Co-Coordinator, Silent No More Awareness Campaign; 
Missy D' Aconti, Faith Life Family; Don Blake, Chairman, Virginia Christian Alliance

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