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Jul 23rd

Sanctity Of Life

“Lies, Corruption, and Scandal”: New Report on Planned Parenthood

Pro-Life Org Releases “Six Years of Exposing Planned Parenthood”

Arlington, VA – Live Action released a “damning investigative report” on Planned Parenthood Federation of America that details shocking activity within the abortion giant’s walls, including hiding the sexual abuse of children, facilitating taxpayer-funded sex-selective abortion against girls in the womb, and manipulative counseling tailored to convince women to abort their children.  The report is part of a campaign to urge citizens and legislators to expose and speak out against the United States’ largest abortion corporation.

The report, spanning six years and documenting a series of undercover investigations, shows “an institutionalized pattern of dangerous and illegal behavior,” said Live Action president Lila Rose.

“Abortion is a sickening human rights abuse against both women and children,” Rose said.  “When I first began to go undercover in these facilities in 2007, I thought I would find illegal and harmful activity.  But even I had no idea of the huge, company-wide commitment to abortion at any cost – the fraud, the lies, the cover-ups.”

The report is titled “Lies, Corruption, and Scandal: Six Years of Exposing Planned Parenthood.

Rose is calling for the immediate and complete revocation of all taxpayer funds to Planned Parenthood.  “An organization that lies to women and kills nine hundred children every day for profit can have no valid claim on a single American’s paycheck,” she said.  “It’s a grave injustice that our government and our president actively promote this extreme form of violence.  It’s a disgrace that we are all forced to fund it.”

Planned Parenthood Exposed

Per its latest annual report, Planned Parenthood received $540.7 million in government (i.e., taxpayer) funds in 2011-2012.  The corporation performed 327,166 abortions during that time.

“Planned Parenthood is an abortion corporation,” Rose said, “no matter what its gold-plated marketing department tells you.  These facilities need to be investigated, inspected, and shut down.  Most if not all of these abortionists should be prosecuted – along with destroying thousands of lives, they regularly skirt or outright violate state statutes.  Our report shows where the true ‘war on women’ is – it’s front and center in America’s abortion facilities.  And it will never end until their doors are shut forever.”

Live Action’s report can be obtained at

Live Action is a youth-led movement dedicated to building a culture of life and ending the human rights abuse of abortion.  The group uses new media to educate the public about the humanity of the unborn and investigative journalism to expose threats against the vulnerable and defenseless.  More information at

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