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Aug 16th

Sanctity Of Life

Marine Puts Hosea Initiative on Frontlines

Virginia Christian Alliance Board Members Don Blake, Terry Beatley, Craig Hudgins, and Kathy Hudgins were at the March For Life Rally in Washington, DC on January 22, 2015. 

The Fairfax Free Citizen wrote an article about The Hosea Initiative. We share that article with our supporters.

Marine Puts Hosea Initiative on Frontlines

By Terry Beatley | Fairfax Free Citizen
Hosea Initiative

Hosea InitiativeHosea Initiative banner at the March for Life 2015 (Beatley PhotoWhat do you do when a Marine takes your organization’s banner and jogs it up to the steps of the United States Supreme Court in front of 500,000 oncoming marchers and police brigade? You follow! That’s what happened last Thursday when it was time to begin the slow march toward the Supreme Court building.

Marine Craig Hudgins (ret.) saw the need to get the best location possible for Hosea Initiative’s massive banner considering it has one of the most important messages on it that every American should read. I jogged behind him until we reached our destination. To our surprise, we would come face to face with about 30 angry, pro-choice women who were forcefully blocking the legal march.

Hosea Initiative Terry BeatlyHosea Initiative fulfilling a promise to teach the truth
(Beatley Photo)
We unfurled the banner with the large photograph of Dr. Bernard Nathanson’s face on it with his quote to me, “Teach the strategy of how I deceived America.”

As if he was alive again, the “Abortion King” and co-founder of the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (NARAL) peered down on this hostile group of women he had deceived with a battery of lies beginning in 1969. He was there teaching a history lesson that Roe vs Wade is based on the false propaganda that he told as THE preeminent doctor responsible for ushering in America’s “Barbaric Age.”

Hosea Initiative fulfilling a promise to teach the truth (Beatley Photo)

Beginning Wednesday, January 28th, 2015, Hosea Initiative will host weekly FREE live webinars, entitled:  The Deadliest American Hoax:  The Deceptive Strategy of Dr. Bernard Nathanson. I will explain the history of Dr. Nathanson’s 8-point strategy of deception and how he paved the way for shifting America to accept the idea of “A woman’s right to choose.”

He launched a war—the War on Truth—and so regretted deceiving American women and instructed me to tell his parting message and story. America is dying to learn the Truth and women deserve to know it.

It was a joy to follow this Marine with the Hosea Initiative banner slung over his shoulder. I knew then the Battle for Truth, just like every Marine’s battle for liberty, was worth fighting for.

America will learn the parting message and story of Dr. Bernard Nathanson, peacefully battling to preserve the dignity of human life. The Marine responsible for carrying the banner to the perfect position for the March for Life 2015 couldn’t stay, but his contribution, just like his service to his country, never seems to end. Once a Marine … always a Marine.

Don Blake and Terry BeatleyDonald N. Blake, President Virginia Christian Alliance and Terry Beatley, Terry Beatley President & Founder, Hosea Initiative

March for Life

 Terry Beatley is president of Hosea Initiative and a Board Member of the Virginia Christian Alliance.


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