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Aug 16th

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Planned Parenthood’s depictions of abortion are far from reality


Planned Parenthood’s depictions of abortion are far from reality

Planned Parenthood would like for you to think that an abortion is a routine medical operation. The organization, which commits more than 320,000 abortions per year, prefers to use terms that are as emotionally detached as possible, like “fetus,” instead of “baby,” and “the pregnancy” instead of “preborn child.”

These aren’t efforts in accordance with a desire to be medically accurate. A recent Planned Parenthood video illustrates that by depicting an abortion as nothing more than removing a tiny blue dot from a mother’s uterus. The Planned Parenthood video states, “During an in-clinic abortion, a doctor, a nurse, or other healthcare provider empties your uterus using gentle suction and sometimes other medical tools.”

This is medically inaccurate. Abortions are gruesome procedures. In a Live Action video which points out the Planned Parenthood video’s inaccuracies, former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino — who himself once committed over 1,200 abortions — detailed what actually happens during an abortion:

The baby has a heartbeat, fingers, toes, arms, and legs, but its bones are still weak and fragile. The suction is then turned on, with a force ten to twenty times more powerful than your household vacuum cleaner. The baby is rapidly torn apart by the suction, and squeezed through this tubing down into the suction machine, followed by the placenta. The abortionist uses a curette to scrape the lining of the uterus. A curette is basically a long-handled, curved blade. Once the uterus is empty, the speculum is removed and the abortion is complete.

Watch the Live Action video below:

Another video from Planned Parenthood shows the abortion pill procedure — but it is also medically inaccurate. The video instructs its viewers to first take mifepristone, saying, “it stops your pregnancy from developing.” It then instructs its viewers to take misoprostol 1-2 days later, claiming it “causes cramping and bleeding that empties your uterus.” But another Live Action video featuring Dr. Levatino details what really happens during this type of abortion:

At the abortion clinic or doctor’s office, the woman takes pills which contain mifepristone, also called RU 486. RU 486 blocks the action of a hormone called progesterone. When RU 486 blocks progesterone the lining of the mother’s uterus breaks down, cutting off blood and nourishment to the baby, who then dies inside the mother’s womb. Twenty-four to forty-eight hours after taking RU 486, the woman take misoprostol… that is administered either orally or vaginally. RU 486 and misoprostol together cause severe cramping, contractions, and often heavy bleeding to force the dead baby out of the mother’s uterus. The process can be very intense and painful, and the bleeding and contractions can last from a few hours to several days. While she could lose her baby anytime and anywhere during this process, the woman will often sit on a toilet as she prepares to expel the child, which she will then flush.

Watch the second Live Action Video HERE



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