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Aug 16th

Sanctity Of Life

Richmond Joins Nationwide Protest April 23 to Tell Voters: Planned Parenthood is Bad for America

RICHMOND, VA- On April 23, nationally coordinated protests will be held at over 200 Planned Parenthood centers throughout the United States, including the center at 201 N. Hamilton Street, Richmond, VA 23221, where over 2,290 babies were aborted in 2014. These protests are being organized by the #ProtestPP coalition, formed in response to the undercover videos released last year showing Planned Parenthood officials discussing the harvesting and selling of body parts from aborted children.

Despite the controversy created by the undercover videos—including possible illegal activity— Planned Parenthood continues to receive over $500 million from state and federal governments annually. The organizers of #ProtestPP are calling on their fellow Americans to vote for candidates this year who will promise to end this massive taxpayer subsidy for the nation’s largest abortion chain.

April 23 Planned Parenthood Protest

“The undercover videos we saw last year showed the cruelty of abortion and the truth behind Planned Parenthood,” said Leslie Davis Blackwell, #ProtestPP Organizer and VA Co-Coordinator of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign.

“It’s chilling to see Planned Parenthood’s doctors talk about how to crush an unborn child’s body in order to most effectively procure his or her organs. This organization should not be receiving any taxpayer funding for any reason and Governor Terry McAuliffe should be ashamed for his recent ceremonial veto at this very Planned Parenthood location.”

The protestors in Richmond and throughout the country will also be standing in solidarity with David Daleiden, the pro-life whistleblower who is facing baseless civil and criminal charges for conducting a 30-month undercover investigation of the abortion industry’s trafficking in fetal tissue. “Planned Parenthood and their powerful allies in government are trying to discredit and silence pro-lifers who are guilty of nothing more than exposing the shocking truth about their abortion practices,” said Blackwell. “On April 23, we’ll be setting the record straight that Virginia is for Lovers…of LIFE.”

Special guest speakers include Delegate David LaRock, 33rd House of Representatives District; Callie Jett, Founder/CEO of Let’s Talk Adoption (Open Adoption), will share her courageous story of choosing adoption 13 years ago; Andie Pearson, Silent No More VA Co-Coordinator, will give her testimony of having 3 abortions and its impact on her life; Dr. David Russell, Author of “Through My Father’s Eyes:” What Every Man (and Woman) Should Know About Abortion, will discuss his personal story of lost fatherhood; Craig Johnson, Richmond Radio and Internet Blogger/Host, will share his story of being conceived in rape, surviving abortion, and being a Post Abortive Father; Baird Stokes will tell how his life was saved by a $19 dress, and other inspirational life affirming stories will be presented.

#ProtestPP is a coalition of state and national pro-life groups, headed by three national pro-life activist organizations: Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, Created Equal, and the Pro-Life Action League. In the wake of the coalition’s two national days of protest last year, more than 20 Planned Parenthood facilities closed and nine states voted to strip the organization of state funding.

For more information please contact: Leslie Davis Blackwell (804) 304-4712 See also

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