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Lasting Love by Chuck & Kathie Crismier

Happily Ever After is the undying hope for most couples who proclaim their undying love by sacred vow. In this small book, husband and wife will find marriage-transforming nuggets of truth passionately presented by Chuck and Kathie Crismier, whose fifty years of marriage are transparently translated so as to torch the life of every married couple.

The Power of Hospitality by Chuck and Kathie Crismier

God’s plan for you includes hospitality. An open heart, open hand and open home is God’s divine design to open the hearts of people everywhere it is practiced. Hospitality connects our hearts with God’s heart, yet something dramatic has happened in our hearts.

Seduction of the Saints by Charles Crismier

Can Saints Be Seduced?

The apostles did not miss the message. Peter, James and John all warn of the seduction of the saints.

Can You Be Deceived?

Will you be among the deceived? Can you be seduced? Paul says there is coming “a great falling away” or apostasy.

The SECRET of the LORD by Charles Crismier

God has a secret. It is a life-changing, destiny-determining secret. Yet it is a secret God desires to disclose to all who will seek it, unlocking all of the covenantal blessings and promises of God, both on earth and for eternity. There has never been a more urgent time to discover THE SECRET OF THE LORD.

Do You Want To Be Free?

Always one generation away from losing our faith and freedom, we must learn both to pass them on. How is freedom related to faith and governance? What is man’s proper role? Do You Want To Be Free uses these answers developing four governance models every society fits into.

Collectivism and Charity

Think we’re on the wrong track? Wondering how we got here, what needs to change? What is the key? You’re not alone. Collectivism and Charity explores two tracks all societies must choose between, using education and the war on poverty to answer these questions.

A War for God

The world is a less safe place today. Why is there conflict between Western and Islamic civilizations? How can we in the West address it? A War for God explores these questions, providing a comprehensive review of the differences.


Our country is changing. Founding principles replaced by post-modernism, a return to ancient pagan beliefs. How are they different? Why does it matter? Today’s interfaith movement has post-modern roots. How should Christians respond? How can faith be sustained in such a society?