The Daily Skirmish – Woke Criminal Justice Reform Gets Mugged by Reality

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What happens when a liberal Woke company runs into the consequences of liberal Woke policies? 

It flees, that’s what, and that ought to tell you something about liberal Woke policies and the stupid people pushing them.

  • Amazon is moving employees out of its office in downtown Seattle because violent crime has increased in the area. 
  • Seattle is the place, you will recall, where city officials never met a rioter they didn’t like. 
  • Seattle is also where the city council voted twice to defund the police, and the police can no longer chase criminals, thanks to Woke criminal justice reform.

Seattle isn’t the only Woke place suffering from high crime. 

A smash-and-grab gang robbed a jewelry store in the Sacramento area earlier this month, where all Democrats have to worry about is how big their majority in the state legislature will be. 

In St. Louis, the police budget was to be cut by $4 million and robbery victims now wait three hours to get through to 911. 

Austin, where voters refused to re-fund the police, shattered all records for the number of homicides in 2021 – 89 by one count, 101 by another – eclipsing the previous high of 59 in 1984.   Woke Austinians are getting the government they deserve. 

Woke criminal justice reform has been repudiated in some places, with some cities moving to re-fund the police. New York City Mayor Eric Adams also confessed error, moving to reinstate a plainclothes police unit that targets violent crime on the street.

Woke Brennan Center for Justice

The liberal Woke Brennan Center for Justice just issued a report claiming there is no clear connection between Woke bail reform and recent increases in crime in New York state. 

Statistics cited in the report prove otherwise. 

A review of 100,000 pretrial releases in a recent one-year period under the state’s cashless bail reform law showed 2 percent led to rearrests for violent felonies.  Brennan concludes “relatively few people released under the new law went on to be rearrested for serious offenses.”  That’s putting lipstick on a pig.  The proper conclusion is that 2,000 more violent felonies occurred that would not have occurred but for Woke bail reform. 

Brennan’s report doesn’t mention that former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio confessed error and admitted the Woke bail laws caused crime to go up.  Brennan does mention that New York’s Governor Kathy Hochul wants the law changed back to allow bail to be set in more conditions, but Brennan misses the obvious point:  this is another admission that Woke criminal justice reform just isn’t working.

Brennan’s report doesn’t even try to deal with the spectacular cases of repeat offenders being released in New York who went on to commit more crimes.  A subway mugger was arrested 16 times in one day.  It’s the same story elsewhere.  The father of a 24-year-old graduate student who was murdered in L.A. blamed politicians who let criminals roam free on the streets.  Also in L.A., a no-bail policy resulted in a car-theft suspect being re-arrested 13 times in 12 weeks. 

So, nice try, Brennan Center, not even close.  At this point, everybody knows defunding the police makes crime go up, and good luck calling 911.  And everybody know no-cash bail lets repeat offenders commit more crimes.  Woke criminal justice reform has completely failed, but now the Biden administration wants to hand out cash to drug addicts.  The consequences are foreseeable to anyone with a lick of common sense and I can’t wait to write about them. 

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