49 babies saved from abortion within first two weeks of 40 Days for Life’s fall campaign


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‘Even with abortion availability down across the United States—thanks to the Supreme Court—God is still using your prayers to save babies!’

(LifeSiteNews) — The 40 Days for Life 2022 fall campaign has saved nearly 50 babies from abortion during the past two weeks. 

In an October 10 article posted on the apostolate’s website, president and CEO Shawn Carney shared that 49 unborn children had been saved across the world as a direct result of 40 Days for Life prayer vigils and volunteers. 

“Even with abortion availability down across the United States—thanks to the Supreme Court—God is still using your prayers to save babies!” Carney wrote. “Today, we know of 49 babies spared from abortion since September 28!” 

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The update, posted on the thirteenth day of the campaign, also highlighted the miracles taking place at a hospital in Mexico City, where “between 30 and 50 women line up at 5:00am to get free abortions” each day, including weekends. When they are finally allowed inside, nobody is permitted to accompany the women. 

“Locals are given abortion pills while foreigners receive surgical abortions,” Carney explained in the post.  

“The local [pro-life] pregnancy help center has a mobile ultrasound unit on site, but lately those who serve there have been struggling to persuade women to take them up on their offer of free help … until 40 Days for Life began.” 

According to the Latin American campaign director, “four girls accepted the help offered, saw ultrasounds, and chose life.”  

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Upon seeing their business revenue leaving, the hospital tried to divert attention from the pro-life services by leading women into their building through a different entrance. However, director Lourdes Varela said that this ruse did not succeed in turning everyone away from the ultrasounds, and four babies were saved as a result. 

The first post-Roe 40 Days for Life campaign began on September 28 with renewed momentum to fight abortion on the local level. It is the largest campaign in the apostolate’s history. On the second day, the fall campaign saved its first baby, also in Mexico City. 


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