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Democrats Try Extra-Constitutional Plan To Revive ERA

Tuesday, August 13th 2019 12:41 Created on
CHQ Staff | ConservativeHQ Our friend Bob Marshall recently alerted us to the seriousness of Democrat attempts to revive the long-dead Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). The ERA, which was approved by Congress in 1972, needed to be ratified by two-thirds...
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Equal Rights Amendment: Its Consequences and Attempts to Resurrect it 37 Years Too Late

Monday, August 12th 2019 18:16 Created on
“Equality of rights under law shall not be denied or abridged … on account of sex.” The ERA would require drafting women if men are drafted, and fighting in front-line ground combat even without a draft. ERA would require tax-paid...
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Reducing Violence

Monday, August 12th 2019 0:15 Created on
Well, we had two more mass shootings this past week. Both done by people who held very different beliefs. But their cause is the same. I believe there is a solution that solves both cases, if we are courageous enough...
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Marxist ‘Critical Race Theory’ infiltrates the Churches and the culture

Friday, August 9th 2019 19:53 Created on
The Southern Baptists, the most conservative major Protestant denomination in America have started down the Marxist road. Several other denominations are well ahead of them. If this is not reversed, how will this shift affect our culture and politics in...
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Godly relationships

For an Errant Education

Friday, August 9th 2019 19:26 Created on
Editor's Note: Modern day education is off the rails, omitting God and the ethics from the moral law.  There is no morality without Almighty God, as Psalm 119: 33-36 states:  God. Teach me, O LORD, the way of your statutes;...
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US priest: Leaving God out of politics is ‘illogical, immoral, and un-American’

Wednesday, August 7th 2019 17:18 Created on
Lisa Bourne | Follow Lisa August 6, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – A Florida Catholic priest told a recent GOP political gathering that leaving God out of politics is “illogical, immoral and un-American.” Politics is something that pastors usually stay away from, Father...
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VCA Resource Library

  • Chuck Crismier

    Chuck Crismier

    Charles Crismier is Founder and President of Save America Ministries. He has often been called "A John the Baptist for our times."...

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  • Dan Wolf

    Dan Wolf

    Dan Wolf is a researcher and analyst; examining complex, abstract topics. His writing’s premise is based on one simple idea. We ...

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