How Democrats routed conservative candidates and turned Virginia blue

Sunday, November 17th 2019 18:42 Created on
November 12, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Exultant over the November 5, 2019 Democrat takeover of both houses of Virginia’s General Assembly, Governor Ralph Northam used his official web page to proclaim:  Tonight ... voters ... elected landmark Democratic majorities in both...
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Ellie Goulding: All Hat, No Kettle? Threatens Salvation Army and Christian Beliefs

Sunday, November 17th 2019 18:06 Created on
FRC It's two weeks until Thanksgiving, but the NFL's halftime singer is already calling time out. Ellie Goulding, the musician who was scheduled to perform the turkey day game, is threatening to pull out of the show if the Cowboys'...
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Bishop calls LGBT indoctrination of kids ‘child abuse’: ‘We must stop this insanity’

Sunday, November 17th 2019 17:48 Created on
TYLER, Texas, November 13, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – A Catholic bishop of the United States denounced as “child abuse” the “insane and evil” transgender message given to children in schools that was recently highlighted in a video circulating on social media. Bishop...
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Influence of Religion in America- Saturday, November 16, 2019

Sunday, November 10th 2019 16:05 Created on
By Jthouse27 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link In this Seminar you will learn… How America’s Founders believed in the importance of religion and tried to instill these beliefs into every aspect of daily life, both private and public....
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obedience to God

Pastors & Ministry Leaders Summit | Thursday, November 14, 2019, Richmond, VA

Sunday, November 10th 2019 5:26 Created on
“To give children a good education in manners, arts and science, is important; to give them a religious education is indispensable and an immense responsibility rests on parents and guardians who neglect these duties.“ —Noah Webster, American Dictionary of the...
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Voting Our Values on November 5th: Hate the Evil – Love the Good

Monday, November 4th 2019 8:10 Created on
Virginia at the Crossroads! Voting and Fighting for  Our Values on November 5 (See comprehensive Voting 2019 Family Foundation Action Voter Guides) The Problem “A house, a city, and a nation divided against itself will come to ruin; they shall...
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  • Chuck Crismier


    Charles Crismier is Founder and President of Save America Ministries. He has often been called "A John the Baptist for our times."...

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  • Dan Wolf


    Dan Wolf is a researcher and analyst; examining complex, abstract topics. His writing’s premise is based on one simple idea. We ...

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