COVI – PASS Digital Health Passport for All Upon the Earth

Wednesday, June 3rd 2020 20:11 Created on
Rock Harbor Church’s YouTube Channel Covi-Pass has developed a Digital Health Passport. Pastor Brandon discusses how this Digital Health Passport is paving the way for the ultimate tracking system that will one day be used by the Antichrist during the...
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revelation deep state

The Chip and the Mark: ID2020 Global Vaccine and Digital ID

Wednesday, June 3rd 2020 19:46 Created on
“Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the Lord your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.” There’s a lot of talk...
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Noah’s Day in Microcosm: Violence once again has reared its ugly head

Wednesday, June 3rd 2020 19:29 Created on
Violence once again has reared its ugly head. It seems more and more that times like Noah’s can be observed in America, supposedly the most civilized nation of the West. Of course, that perception is only shared by those who...
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Pray for Revival in America in 2020

What America Needs Most Right Now

Tuesday, June 2nd 2020 18:22 Created on
Please sign the petition: I am praying for our nation! As our nation struggles with fear and civil unrest over the horrific killing of an unarmed black man by a Minneapolis police officer, I am asking you to sign the...
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Surging Spirit of Antichrist

Monday, June 1st 2020 18:02 Created on
  Terry James | Prophecy Line Nearing Midnight Questions continue about what is going on in all of this geopolitical and cultural/societal intrigue in terms of Bible prophecy. What does it all mean? Why such a divide? Why such rage...
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America the Godless?

Monday, June 1st 2020 2:18 Created on
I know. If you’re like me just seeing the question grates against my nature. America is great because it is good. But given the age we live in and this year’s events, we should at least stop and reflect upon...
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VCA Resource Library

  • Chuck Crismier

    Chuck Crismier

    Charles Crismier is Founder and President of Save America Ministries. He has often been called "A John the Baptist for our times."...

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  • Dan Wolf

    Dan Wolf

    Dan Wolf is a researcher and analyst; examining complex, abstract topics. His writing’s premise is based on one simple idea. We ...

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