Big Pharma Hits Jackpot With Latest COVID Jab Plan

“The childhood schedule is already unscientific and unjustifiable. Adding this shot may well be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Parents are likely to resist, finally calling the entire childhood vaccine schedule into question. That day has been long in coming, but it is now here. I believe we are now watching the beginning of the end of Big Pharma’s reign over the nation’s children.”

Exposing the Lies of the COVID Pandemic

the only way to avoid the mistakes of the COVID-19 management in the future is to avoid managing any future medical crisis by means of emergency powers. Emergency powers should be used only in case of war. ~ Yanovskiy and Socol 2021

Unvaccinated? Be Aware, You’re Being Tracked

They have codes identifying whether you declined the COVID jab and/or any other vaccine, and for each vaccine refusal, there’s a code detailing why you declined it. ‘Belief or group pressure’ is one of those, and you can bet that code will automatically qualify you for immunization safety counseling, whether you want it or not

I tried to redpill ChatGPT. I failed.

ChatGPT seems to be convinced by the government narrative. It encouraged me to talk to a healthcare professional who can provide me with evidence-based information to help me decide.
But since the US government is hiding the evidence we need to make a decision (the death records linked to the vaccine records), I’m baffled as to how they are going to do that.

Bombshell Survey Exposes True Number of Deaths From the Jab

As noted by Steve Kirsch:3

“[We’ve] killed at least 217,000 Americans and seriously injured 33 million … in just the first year, and the CDC and FDA want to give you more shots … Since deaths from the vaccine were higher in 2022, most experts would estimate the all-cause mortality death toll from the COVID vaccines to be in the range of 500K to 600K.