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The Ukraine War Is Laundering a Ponzi Scheme

Estimates say that $200 million in donations were raised but from this $200 million only $22 million were officially used … The remaining $178 million mysteriously disappeared, leading many to believe it had been laundered back to the United States. ~ Crypto Hub

Death by Derivatives

The entire financial economy may be being imperiled by an exotic form of financial instrument called a derivatives contract. There may be over two quadrillion dollars’ worth of this debt, sucking cash out of the productive economy… which is crippling supply chains.

The Daily Skirmish – Give Thanks for the Rule of Law

Reform is one thing. Actions that abandon the rule of law and that could promote lawlessness are altogether different. Texas law gives criminal district attorneys the duty to enforce the laws the Legislature writes…  It grants no power to criminal district attorneys to categorically rewrite the law. Constitutionally, ‘reforming’ state law is the province of the Legislature.

Voters Aren’t Choosing Dems, Dems Are Choosing Voters

The Democrats have built a vast operation that allows them to ‘elect voters’. Unless America restores a system in which people elect politicians, our elections will remain fig leaves for a corrupt oligarchy of Big Tech monopolies and radical activists determined to take our power away.