The Interfaith Series: Growing Crisis Facing Jews and Christians

This series examines a serious faith problem that is rapidly growing in the Richmond area and across our nation—the ‘inter-faith’ movement. Its stated purpose is promoting dialogue across different religions; particularly Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Jews and Christians share the Torah, or Bible Old Testament, a common bond that’s existed for almost 2,000 years. Neither of these religions share a similar bond with Islam.

 But the event’s dialogue is not open. Instead it uses mutual trust based solely on what one party (such as Islam) chooses to disclose about its religion.  One person’s disclosure becomes truth, a subjective truth no longer grounded in facts or understanding. Others (such as non-Muslims) are to accept those disclosures as ‘truth.’ This format creates a type of impenetrable ignorance, and shifts religion’s focus away from God and onto man’s stated beliefs. Couple this with the general ignorance many Christians today have about their own religion and you have a recipe for disaster. But the cure begins with a real education using facts, history, and objectivity. One that few of our institutions appear capable of currently providing.

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The Interfaith Series

  1. Inter-Faith Myths and Islam: Part 1
  2. Inter-Faith Myths and Islam – Part 2 A Christian Perspective
  3. Islamic Propaganda
  4. The Problem of Religious Sources
  5. Islam Defined
  6. Islam’s Jesus
  7. Why the Differences in God’s Nature Matter
  8. Jihad’s Nature
  9. How Should Christians Respond
  10. What Christians Should Not Do
  11. A Word to the Left