Obedience to God

Apostasy and America

We can, individually, continue to receive our God’s blessings by remaining faithful in every way to His high calling–to look to Jesus Christ with all our praise and to look to Him to guide our pathways.

Salt of the Earth

salt was also used as a preservative, a disinfectant, an insecticide, to remove noxious odors, extinguish fire, melt ice, relieve sore throats, and embalm the deceased. Salt is good, but if it loses its efficacy, it is good for nothing.

The Left Has No Clothes

The Left employs revolution to obtain rights-violating ideologies and systems—by force as necessary. The Left includes communism, socialism, fascism/nazism, anarchy, and theocracy.

Spiritual Fitness: The Lord’s Prayer

Anyone who denies prayer as part of being spiritually fit or being fit for the kingdom hasn’t paid attention to how often Jesus prayed in the New Testament nor with how often prayers are packed within the Bible.