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We’ve looked at differences in rights, law, and how those determine who orders society. We’ll do a quick recap of the main points, then move into today’s topic—justice. We’ll see how society is ordered shapes justice.

The following table comes from The Light & The Rod.[1] The points coming from Augustine’s writing are relevant here as well. God’s divine and natural rights form the City of God’s foundation, while the city of Man uses human law alone. When we recognize and follow God, we accept the rights He gifted to us and the laws derived from them—and receive their benefit. Our decisions order society. We don’t always get it right; what matters is we try.


City of God

City of Man

God’s Nature

·  Was, Is, and Always Will Be.

·  Existed before creation.

·  gods are Man’s creation.


·  The Good and many goods.

·  Many goods.


·  The Truth and many truths.

·  Many truths.


·  God created everything ever created.

·  Creation is eternal.

·  Goes through endless cycles of death and rebirth.


·  Divine and natural rights come from God; only He can change them.

·  Other rights can come from the people, but must align with divine and natural rights.

·  The state creates rights and can change them at any time based upon its goals and needs.


·  Creator’s laws (divine and natural) are supreme.

·  Man’s laws lie below.

·  Man’s laws (human) supreme.

Recapping Differences in Rights

The differences in rights shape law, how society is ordered, and ultimately justice. The next table presents some of these differences. We’ll use the information from both tables to discuss what justice looks like within the two societies.


Natural Rights

Human Rights


·  God

·  Man


·  Doing good, morality

·  Obedience


·  Relatively few

·  Many


·  Refrain from doing

·  To do or receive

Freedom to Choose

·  Relatively great

·  Compliance, Yes/No decisions


·  God’s

·  Man’s

Who Orders Society

·  The people

·  The state


·  Only choose Good or Evil. Both distinct and fully present

·  Good and Evil a mixture

·  Implies some Evil is acceptable



Let’s start by defining justice. Justice is a virtue; one related to receiving what you are due. In short, it is about accountability for our actions. One having the freedom to make their own choices incurs a moral obligation to do good. When someone chooses doing bad, whether by accident or on purpose, justice is the act of setting things right. We’ll compare what justice looks like within societies based on natural rights versus those relying on human rights.

But first, our next principle

Justice exists only in societies recognizing God’s natural rights.

Natural Rights

First of all, there are absolute values for right and wrong coming from God through scripture. Natural rights are implicit in these values, and individuals accountable for their decisions. We are to both know and do what is right. Individual decision making orders society. Those decisions create rules for what society considers just. These rules apply to everyone. Society creates law for one of two reasons. Either to punish for wrong behavior, or correct a specific situation where injustice occurs. Law is secondary to rights; those charged by the people with making law serve as stewards for what the people create. This approach creates unity as all people have the same rights and participate in creating society’s rules.

A quick example. At the Roman Empire’s end, transacting business required using gold or silver coin. But there were two problems. One, it was heavy and difficult to transport large quantities. Second, one coin looked like another. If you lost it, how could you claim a specific coin was yours? As a result business was largely local in nature.

Somewhere around the ninth century, someone had a brilliant idea. Instead of moving gold, they created a paper representing its ownership. Someone just took the paper to pay for something they needed. The gold stayed in the counting house. Business boomed over greater distances. Society created rules for when, how, and who used these new documents in transactions. Society kept what worked and discarded what didn’t. Only later was law created when someone broke the rules, or where following the rules created an unjust outcome. A negative test for justice exists within societies built on natural rights.

Human Rights

Compare that to a society based on human rights. Only man’s temporary values exist. Human law creates rights, and those rights apply to specific groups. Freedom becomes a yes/no decision, do you comply or not? Making law is the sole domain of the legislature. Instead of exercising stewardship over society’s values, law making becomes an exercise in power and dominion over our fellow man. What passes for justice in such societies comes down to was the law complied with? I would argue such societies lead to injustice and sanctioned criminal behavior.

We’ll look at another quick example—the China virus. It is a fitting example of a society relying primarily on human rights. Consider;

  • Most states implemented lockdowns. These were manufactured on statistics and fear. Many lost work. These actions bankrupted or enslaved many small businesses. [2]
  • Some governors sent China virus patients into long-term care facilities.
  • Governors implemented mask requirements. But masks don’t work in stopping the virus. It’s like trying to swat a gnat with a piece of chicken wire, and masks create long-term health conditions.[3]
  • Injections offered by states as vaccines are experimental and not even patented as vaccines. We now hear rumblings of creating passports and giving those taking the vaccine additional rights. Some are more equal than others in this world, and the state determines who is more equal.[4]
  • Treatments like hydroxychloroquine, budesonide, and ivermectin work and were withheld from those needing it during the ‘pandemic’.[5]
  • And you might receive a $1,400 stimulus check that only costs you $41,000 per household for your trouble. Where did the rest of it go? Who benefited? Follow the money.

These actions are not only immoral, but criminal. The states were left to determine how to address the virus. They are now accountable for their actions.

What Should We Do?

We largely speak our future into existence. What we speak creates a seed, and from that seed certain crops grow. Some are better than others, but God harvests them all. That is a difference between Elohim and Yahweh. Elohim creates; Yahweh harvests. But the crop is ours; we create the seed.

There are several things we can do to create a good harvest. All require us standing in God’s truth and speaking for what is right. We must demand justice. All those state officials supporting the criminal actions just mentioned must be held to account for their decisions and actions. We see it beginning in New York, where governor Cuomo is being called to resign. He, and others, must also be held to account for the deaths coming from their wrongful actions. People died needlessly by being denied existing treatments, and now some are taking shots of unproven chemicals.

Two, we must ask our local leaders where they stand. What do they support? Is it the natural rights of our founding, or the human rights proclaimed today? This includes those serving on boards and councils, and as judges or sheriffs. We must replace those choosing the latter. If they choose the former, we must hold them to account. They play an important role, as servants and stewards. This should extend to our state officials as well; delegates, senators, attorney generals, governors, etc.

Finally, we should demand our rightful President’s return, rather than the corrupt puppet claiming to hold it. President Trump, I’m asking you to resume your office. It is yours. You won. We know the election was rigged and stolen. Please accept it.

One final point. Our silence doesn’t impress Satan, but he quakes in fear when we stand in God’s word and speak. We must speak.


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