Behind The Deep State | BlackRock and the Fed: Consummate Conflict of Interest | Part Five

Alex Newman Behind the Deep State(1)

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BlackRock is functioning under an unimaginable conflict of interest. Even as far back as the 2008 financial crisis, it was manipulating its ties to the Federal Reserve and central banking cartel to grow into the Goliath it has become.

In this episode of Behind the Deep StateAlex Newman continues his exposure of the financial behemoth, exposing how its dominance of the financial sector mushroomed during the bailouts of the 2020 pandemic. As summarized by investigative journalist James Corbett, by that time, in the consummate conflict of interest, BlackRock was “acting as consultant and advisor, as manager, as buyer, as seller and as investor with both the Fed and the very banks, corporations, pension funds and other entities it was bailing out.”

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