By compromising on the issue of LIFE, Donald Trump and Kari Lake Fallen Short of their Duty

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By compromising on the issue of LIFE, Donald Trump and Kari Lake have now sealed the GOP’s doom as a viable conservative party; it may never recover

After the Arizona Supreme Court ruled Tuesday in support of a state law requiring the near total ban on abortions, both former President and 2024 GOP frontrunner Donald Trump and senatorial candidate Kari Lake came out with strong comments in opposition to the court’s ruling.

This has stunned and confused many Republicans who are pro life.

Here is what Trump said in opposition to the court ruling.

State’s rights? I thought that was what we’ve seen in action was a state exercising its right to make laws, right?

Trump’s confusing comment came yesterday, April 10. Many of us are left wondering what happened to “let the states decide” and “federalism?” — a view of the abortion issue that Trump laid out in a policy statement just last week.

Today, April 11, Trump stated that if elected he would definitely NOT sign a federal abortion ban under any circumstances. So he’s on the side of federalism when it supports his policy decisions but against it when a state Supreme Court upholds a state law he doesn’t like.

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Kari Lake, who ran for Arizona governor in 2022 and is now running for the U.S. Senate, came out equally strong against Arizona’s abortion law.

Lake said she “oppose[s]” the Arizona Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of the state’s pro-life law, which she slammed as ‘out of step with Arizonans,’ and vowed not to support abortion bans if elected to the US Senate, as reported by LifeSite News.

This is an issue on which you cannot compromise. Once you do, the pendulum will continuously swing further to the left. This is exactly what happened to the Democratic Party. It started out in support of abortion just in the first trimester of pregnancy, and look where they are today. They are the full throttle party of death. They support the right to kill one’s baby right up to the moment of birth throughout all nine months of pregnancy, and are moving toward the right to kill the baby outside of the womb (some have already gone there).

So the GOP has placed itself on the same slippery slope.

What Trump and Lake and all of their supporters are really saying is this: A little baby killing is OK just don’t get too “extreme.”

Sorry, but that is a compromise of the worst kind. The GOP died today as a legitimate conservative option to the Democrats. It will not recover from this.

I know some of you will say that it died long ago, and you may be right. But this is a big step, a leap, toward clarifying what they really stand for. They are lurching toward the same evil position of their opponents, which means there is no longer any battle between good and evil in any election in which a Republican takes the position of Trump or Lake. Abortion is cool, just make sure it’s not of the “extreme” variety.

At first, if you recall, the Democrats said babies in the womb were not actually living things, just tissue. They said abortion should be “safe, legal and rare.” Now they celebrate their abortions and stumble over themselves trying to transport young women across state lines and into blue states where they can abort their babies before anyone can even ask them if that’s what they really want to do.

Mark it down right now. Within a decade, if America is still around, the GOP will be on board with abortion up to birth. That’s the track they’ve placed themselves on. They honestly believe that it’s impossible to win elections now if you are not at least partially pro-abortion (whatever that means) and pro-LGBTQ. Both Trump and Lake also support the LGBTQ agenda, perhaps again not as radically as the Democrats, but they support it. Trump’s wife, Melania, addressed the Log Cabin Republicans just this week, sending a signal that her husband has moderated on that position too. Lake has make similar pilgrimages and outreaches to the gay community.

Maybe they’re right. Maybe it has become impossible to win elections if you’re not pro-abortion and pro-LGBTQ. But if that’s the case, it only illustrates how far down the cultural rat hole America has gone, and when you get to a certain point, it’s beyond saving.




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