Obedience to God

Bibles in Schools!

The mission of Bibles in Schools is to facilitate the placement of engaging Bibles in school libraries across the United States of America.

Are We Confused About This?

When any Christian ministry imports critical theory and social justice into the mix, then the whole cultural hegemony of Marxism must and will come along with it… including transgenderism.

Do We Fight Back, or Hide?

America is firmly in the grip of a serious struggle for the very soul of humankind, and if Christians don’t fight back in the war if ideas and the political and community involvement America is over, America, the land of the free dies.

No Time for Drifting

If you and I are not careful, we can navigate through life that way. We can simply glide along, marking things off our to-do list with little thought about what’s eternally important. We lose sight of the fact that with each tick of the clock we’re advancing to a point of definite conclusion.

Sowing and Sleeping

Days of Praise is a podcast based on the Institute for Creation Research quarterly print devotional, Days of Praise. Start your day with devotional readings written by Dr. Henry Morris, Dr. Henry Morris III, Dr. John Morris, and others to strengthen and encourage you in your Christian faith. 

The Stronghold of Heretics

Christians must know God demands justice. In God’s economy justice doesn’t require an adjective. MacArthur says, “Social justice is just another word for socialism.”