Do You Want to Be Free?

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A simple question we must each answer. But to be free one must know truth.

I want to start today’s article with Plato’s allegory of the cave.[1] Don’t worry, we’re just going to summarize. I recommend you use the reference to read it. Don’t just take my word for this or anything else. You should check it out for yourself.

The Cave

There is no natural light in this cave. People are bound facing a wall on which they can only see shadows projected by a fire—puppets. Over time the shadows become their reality—that is, truth. Even when freed most of the captives stay in the cave. But above is a light. Someone goes to the light. At first it is painful. They cannot see. Then they begin to see some things—shadows and shapes. Eventually they see more clearly. They realize what they saw in the cave was not real. With that realization comes the duty to go back into the cave to help others escape.

It’s a good analogy for our society today. We’ve been living in a cave, and many have accepted that state as reality. But some see the light. However, one must be willing to fly when their tethers are removed. The evidence is all around us. But you must see it and evaluate it. I’m going to go through a list of items, facts if you will. The evidence supporting those have been written about elsewhere, with references if you want more information.[2] I’ll not repeat any of that here.

The Election

We see more evidence that significant fraud occurred. And contrary to the mainstream media message, most of the cases heard are being won by those asserting fraud.[3] Even Time came out with a recent article spinning how the election was ‘fortified’ by conducting a shadow campaign. A campaign ensuring certain results were attained. Call it what it is—theft. It’s not a party issue. Instead it’s between self-appointed elites and a slave class (everyone else). A case was recently filed by a democrat in southern New York alleging fraud in a house of representatives race. I think we’ll see more yet.

The China Virus

What more can I say? The public’s been bamboozled. We’ve shut down major parts of our economy for a virus whose recovery rate is over 98%. A governor’s war on small business. Yes, there’s a virus, but does that reaction make sense? We’ve been told to wear masks that don’t protect us. Why? Treatments that work have been withheld. Same question. If deaths have gone up, in itself a valid question, is it due to the China virus or not receiving proper medical treatment—or delaying necessary treatments and surgeries? What about the increase in suicide, depression, drug and alcohol use, etc. Finally, experimental drugs patented as gene therapy are being given. Is anyone given disclosures they are even participating in an experiment. Why?

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War with China

China wages irregular warfare, primarily through corruption, economics, information, culture, and influence. Warfare based on ideas. They likely released a manufactured virus, while funding corruption on a grand scale. Corrupting our government, to some extent at all levels. The media and academics amplify the corruption. And big tech enforces it through censorship. Evidence also shows China and Iran were significant forces behind the election fraud just mentioned, along with many others.

Follow the Money

This is always a tell. Trevor Loudin reports on China’s financial contributions to groups like Antifa and BLM. Others report China’s investment in election equipment, and a $400 million CCP payment around the election through the Vatican, to a Swiss bank(s) and distributed across many recipients. Subverting truth is expensive. We also see it in the financial markets. The recent GameStop short-selling activity and movement in the silver markets are only current examples. And just today Biden quietly revoked our education institutions disclosing their relationships to the CCP’s Confucius Institutes. Why is disclosure bad? Who does China own?

One Question

So, there’s really only one question we each need to consider. Do you want to be free? Do you want to leave the cave? If so, you must find the truth. And once we leave the cave, we must stop acting like we still live there. The cave only ceases being reality when we accept it is not. Then we are to assist others in their finding truth.

The world economic forum’s great reset, China’s attempts to conquer America, the corruption, the virus. None of this is from God. It is contrary to our purpose. Truth, unity, and virtue (becoming good) all come from following God. Is that what we see today? I think we are seeing an awakening that evil forces are trying to keep tamped down. We are taking back our true identity as God’s creation. Truth always wins, as long as we stand in it and for it.

To Those on the Left

You’ve been deceived. You’ve willingly accepted lies. You must decide what you want. The bubble you’ve created for yourself is about to burst, the result of worshipping the idols of ideas and individuals. The evidence is mounting. Where have you gone wrong? You’ve accepted false ideas like those underlying critical theory. These drive out diversity, equality, and justice. So what do you want? The ideas you’ve held endanger us all.

We are not your enemies, but you need to step out of the dark into the light. The only condition you must accept is equality under the rule of law, thereby taking yourself off the pedestal you’ve built for yourself. You need to embrace the values you profess; such as truth, kindness, tolerance, inclusion, and justice. You’ll find most other people will welcome you back. We are all in this together. It’s part of God’s plan. We are blessed to be living in this time. Are you at peace?

An Offer

I’ve written eight books in the last eight years. All aimed at understanding what we are going through today. It’s so important that I’m willing to offer anyone free electronic copies of A Handbook of Natural Rights, The Light and the Rod (2 volumes), and Critical Theory Essays. These chronicle our society’s founding principles, why they matter, and some ways we’ve gotten off track. They are derived from God’s word. There is no other source that works. We don’t always get it right, but it matters that we try to head in the right direction. That choice is always ours. You can use the email address in the bio below.


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[2] Wolf, Dan, various, Virginia Christian Alliance, There are three dozen articles there written since January, 2020 – all of which are relevant to this topic.

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