Globalists open second front in World War III: Attack on Israel activates ‘zero hour’ around the world, and America is not immune


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In the realm of geopolitical events, things are almost never as they appear.

The messaging being sent by the media is no longer mere “news.” What we receive from them are carefully crafted narratives meant to advance certain agendas. The same event, in fact, can carry multiple narratives often diametrically opposed to each other because the narratives are tailored to specific audiences and loaded with explosive words and images meant to trigger emotions in those audiences depending on their prior conditioning.

And the devastating attack on Israel Friday night was no exception.

The “what” cannot be debated – over 600 Israeli citizens were slaughtered and more than 2,000 injured in a brazen and brutal attack by Hamas terrorists. More than 100 other Israelis, including an Israeli military general, were captured and are being held as hostages.

But the “why” and the “how” – as in why now and how did they get away with it – will be less understood by the average American who’s more interested in who wins the Packers’ game this Sunday or how long Taylor Swift will retain her latest boyfriend.


While few realize it, what happened in Israel on the night of Friday, October 6, is an earthquake in terms of the impact on global stability, mostly because of the timing. The events of October 6 cannot be analyzed and properly understood separate from all that has been going on over the last 18 months between the US/NATO and their vassal states and Russia/China and their vassal states. The attack on Israel (a vassal state of the US/NATO) by Hamas (a vassal state of Iran which is a vassal state of Russia/China) opens up a second front in the escalating World War III scenario being advanced by the globalists for reasons I’ve provided in previous articles, the most recent of which was posted September 25 as “The Four D’s of Digitization, Dehumanization, Destruction and Depopulation.”

Ukrainian President Zelensky has already come out with a statement in support of Israel while implying that Russia was responsible for the Hamas attack. We don’t know if that’s true but Zelensky said it so that makes it true for the faction of people who believe Ukraine’s war with Russia is completely just and defensive in nature.

The media tells us that Hamas launched a sneak attack on Israel and caught the IDF napping.

Excuse me, but there is simply no way the Israeli Defense Forces – the most technologically modern, most adept, most highly trained security force in the world – did not see this attack coming. For them to be caught off guard is inconceivable.

We’re told they were totally surprised. Even on the 50th anniversary of the last massive attack on Israel, the Yom Kippur War of October 7, 1973, they were not prepared for an attack from their arch enemy? They left their border unmanned and unprotected, and it was breached in 29 different places, including in some areas right next to an international music festival where tourists from other countries were partying literally within yards of a dangerous Gaza border? Please. I’m not buying it.

Nor is former IDF intelligence officer Efrat Fenigson buying into this narrative. Watch what she has to say in a post to the platform X.


Let this be an object lesson for all of us, in America and elsewhere.

In my book, Stealth Invasion, I referred to Muslim Brotherhood documents which prophesied about a “zero-hour event.” Zero hour can be any event that sets off panic and chaos among the masses, and at this point the Islamic terrorists all join hands to attack the infidel, whether that be Jews in Israel or Christians in the West. All the terror cells get activated.

Since around 1990, the United States has imported more than 3 million Muslims to America, mostly through legal channels associated with the Office of Refugee Resettlement and other avenues where Muslims can come here on religious visas, visa lottery programs and countless other visa programs. Refugees are set on a path to full citizenship within five years.

I’m not saying all of them are anti-American. But if even 10 percent of them are, we’ve got a problem very similar to Israel’s.

Sources of mine in Sterling Heights, Michigan, reported seeing fireworks coming from a site on 15 Mile Road where a mega-mosque is under construction. The mosque is not even open for business, yet the property owners used the site to express their celebratory emotions and feelings of giddiness over the news coming out of Israel.

Hundreds of miles away in Tampa, Florida, I was informed of a pro-Hamas rally, also expressing jubilation over Israelis being killed. Muslims also rallied in support of Hamas terrorists in America’s largest cities, New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Muslims are also celebrating in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran and Turkey (a NATO member), among other places. This single event in Israel has triggered them and they will launch more attacks on Jews and Christians around the world.

So it would be a mistake to view what happened in Israel as something “over there.”

It can and will happen here. In the U.S. and many European countries, the hordes are not standing at the gates, they’re inside the gates, waiting for their zero-hour event. This may be it.

The Israelis were not prepared for what happened Friday night. They’d grown too comfortable, too prosperous, too lazy, and maybe some had just grown too tired and weary of standing on alert all the time with their weapons at the ready. It can be exhausting being on watch 24/7.

Perhaps they got lulled into a false sense of security, placing too much faith in their government to save them from such attacks. When the chips are down, the government will not be there to save us. Not in Israel and not in America, Britain, Germany, Italy or France.

Just when you feel you are dwelling in safety and security, then like a thief, Satan will send his minions to attack you in the most vicious way possible.

Be aware. World War III is bulldozing its way into our reality. What happened in Israel on the night of October 6 widens the war and draws in the Muslim world. They now have a stake in the outcome of the war. Israel has a stake. Many of the evangelical Christians in the West who were against funding Ukraine’s war with Russia will now feel they have a stake in this new front being opened in the Middle East.

We should expect a third front to open soon. Perhaps a Chinese blockade of Taiwan? Serbia attacking Kosovo?

All of this will add up to global war and millions of new combatants being drafted into duty on both sides. Americans, are you prepared to offer up your sons and daughters to the military-industrial complex?

If not, then you’d better wise up and refuse to be played by the script writers in the globalist war games.

The violence is coming soon to a nation, state, city, and/or community near you.

Why? Because, at this point, both sides want it. They’ve been manipulated into mutual hatred and they’re taking the bait.

Will you be caught off guard like those Israelis?

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