How an article about the Holocaust made this abortionist pro-life

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Former Planned Parenthood medical director Dr. Kathi Aultman had quit her job as an abortionist shortly after giving birth to her daughter but still felt that women had a “right” to abortion. While she was no longer willing to carry out abortions as she had in the past, she was willing to refer her patients for them. Even after becoming Christian, Aultman said she had trouble accepting the idea that abortion is unnecessary.

That is, until her close friends shared with her an article about the Holocaust. Aultman discusses this starting around 9:49 in the interview below:

“The thing that finally did it was I had friends who were very good friends and accepted me even though they knew my position but they were brave enough to at one point say, ‘We understand your position but would you read this article?’” she explained to Live Action president Lila Rose. “And it was an article on the Holocaust and comparing the Holocaust to abortion.”

Aultman’s father was with the military group that liberated the first concentration camp during World War II. She had heard stories about his experiences her entire life. When she became a doctor she couldn’t understand how the Nazi doctors had done what they had done.

“When I read that comparison between the Holocaust and abortion, I finally understood how they could do the horrible things they did,” she said. “Because just as I didn’t see the fetus as a person, they didn’t see the Jews and the Gypsies and the others as people. And if you don’t consider someone human, you can do anything you want. That’s when I realized that I was a mass murderer, that I had killed all of these people. And that’s when I completely changed my view on abortion.”

It took a great deal of prayer for Aultman to overcome her grief and regret over the abortions she had committed. She had counseling and went to a Christian healing center in order to find a way to forgive herself and to be forgiven.

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It’s extremely controversial to compare the Holocaust to abortion, but when you look at the similarities it becomes obvious that the two stem from the same mentality. Adolf Hitler himself supported abortion. With the Holocaust, we saw the dehumanization of Jewish people to the point where they were treated like animals — actually, even worse than animals. They were killed through starvation, shooting, burning, medical torture, and gas chambers simply because one person and his supporters deemed them to be non-human and unworthy. They were stripped of their personhood.

Nazi Dr. Herta Obeheuser killed children then removed their limbs and vital organs, much like D&E abortions, as shown in the video below, used today to dismember children in the womb and then sell their organs and body parts for experimentation. Nazi doctors not only focused on torturing and killing Jewish people, but also anyone who was considered to be seriously ill or disabled, similar to how humans in the womb today who are diagnosed with a health condition or a disability are recommended for extermination through abortion. As the disabled were labeled “useless eaters” by the Nazis, so are preborn children considered “parasites” by abortion supporters.


With abortion, we see the dehumanization of human beings inside the womb because society has decided they are too small and too young to matter. They have been stripped of their humanity and their personhood, and like Jewish people in the days of Hitler, they are killed through dismemberment and poisoning simply for being who they are because one person has deemed them non-human and unworthy.

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