J.B. Hixson: The Coming Antichrist Control Grid


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We are being hacked in real time and your digital travels are recorded on all your devices but also on those family, friends and anyone you email or received an email.


Who can imagine the concept of a Luciferian conspiracy designed to control the whole world?

An interconnected grid designed to control every man, woman and child on the planet?

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Globalism is marching full speed ahead, taking us down a road that leads to the Antichrist.

Where does the world go from here?

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In this increasingly self-indulgent world it’s vital for Christians to remember that, “God is love.” Ours is a global society of novels, motion pictures and commercials festooned with hearts and flowers, where “love” has become a marketable commodity. It’s no surprise to anyone that love has become a product, bought and sold in a myriad of goods, services and social diversion; in spoken and written word, music and videos, much of it cheap and shockingly disgusting.