Public Schools Should be Abolished, Christians Must Leave: Kevin Novak

Alex Newman Behind the Deep State(1)

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Christians must overcome resistance by the “Christian establishment” to following the biblical model for education and discipleship, with government schools being legally prohibited from teaching children the truth, said author and Deconstructing the Coliseum founder Kevin Novak in this interview on Conversations That Matter with The New American magazine’s Alex Newman.

Novak, an attorney who also works as a prosecutor in Texas, said liberals know Christ is the truth, and that is why they insist on banning any teaching about Jesus in the classroom. Part of the problem is that Christians have failed to recognize that the God of the Bible never grants authority or responsibility over education to civil government. Instead, those belong to parents and the family. Novak gives several other reasons for withdrawing from government schools, too.Ultimately, Novak believes eventually the government system will be abolished. But in the meantime, Christians must keep working to expose it.

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