Speak Up Virginia! Virginia Primaries & State Power Struggle. What the Results Mean for Pro-Family Values

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Candi Cushman, Vice President

June 28, 2023

Virginia’s primaries grabbed national attention since the state is considered a bellwether on voter trends leading up to the presidential elections. That means activist billionaires like George Soros and Planned Parenthood were also paying attention and poured their resources into Virginia races. In this week’s Speak Up! Virginia, we take a deeper dive into results of the Virginia primaries and what those outcomes mean on the issues we care about—including parental rights, protecting babies in the womb and our religious freedoms. Watch now:

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Check out our recap and analysis of Virginia’s primaries on June 20th. Candi is joined by Family Foundation Action Executive Director Bruce Schlesman to breakdown the results and discuss what these trends could mean for a pro-family values majority in the Virginia General Assembly. Learn more about Family Foundation Action

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