Two Minute Wonder

John 10:10 Project | Two Minute Wonder: Living Machine

the genius of these birds isn’t limited to flight. Each day, they must consume twice their body weight in nectar to fuel their voracious metabolisms. The incredible biological mechanisms that make this possible are masterpieces of engineering and design.

John 10:10 Project | Two Minute Wonder: Perseverance

The migration journey of the Pacific Salmon is iconic. Relying on their incredible sense of smell and internal navigation systems, the fish travel from the Pacific Ocean to the exact river or stream where they hatched years before. The biological engineering involved is sophisticated, highly accurate, and a superb example of intelligent design in the living world.

John 10:10 Project | Two Minute Wonder: Uplighting Story

Vivid examples are the parachutes on the puff ball of a dandelion. Recent discoveries by an international team of scientists have revealed how these miniature aircraft can—under optimal conditions—remain aloft for miles. The dandelion seed’s aeronautical design is more efficient than any man-made parachute.