The Decline and Fall of ‘Woke’

The destruction of wokeness within a matter of years shows why conservatives should not underestimate their cultural power. Barred by the media, censored by tech companies and shut out by the entertainment industry, conservatives were nevertheless able to take the hip new term that leftists had rebranded as and make it as toxic as yesterday’s radioactive waste.

Feminism: Dialectic or Destruction?

woman isn’t independent from man, and man isn’t independent from woman in the Lord. As woman came from man so also man comes from woman. But everything comes from God. (1 Corinthians 11:11-12)

Pride Comes Before a Fall

Target teamed up with a self-proclaimed “gay trans man.” Erik Carnell is a British designer who has sold products that say, “Satan respects pronouns,” and “trans bodies are holy,” with drawings of a naked satanic creature with mutilated breasts

How Should Christians Think About “Wokeness”?

“Wokeness is advancing far too quickly to treat this matter lightly, or to assume that these issues will simply ‘go away.'” He reminds his readers, “No–they will not go away. As we have argued throughout the book, strongholds and false ideologies must be destroyed, not ignored or treated with a softshoe approach.”

The Evolution of the Woke Man

Marxism has this way of viewing any given society: the oppressed and the oppressor. A person is either in one “group” or the other. Which group you or I will fall into is based on our identity. The power lies in who controls the identity narrative.