The Book of Revelation: Chapters 10-12

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What is the mystery found in the Little Scroll John had to eat? Find out with hosts Tim Moore, Nathan Jones, and Dave Bowen on the television program, Christ in Prophecy! (see the series here)


Tim Moore: Hello and welcome back to Christ in Prophecy. If you’ve been with us the last several weeks, you know that we are working our way through the Book of Revelation. This grand finale to the Word of God contains Jesus own unveiling of what the future holds. For Christians it is an affirmation that He will be victorious over Satan, and judge all who have rejected Him. For the unbelieving world it is a candid warning that indescribable wrath abides on all who do not obey the Son by embracing Him as Savior and Lord. I say indescribable even though John does his best to describe the scenes he was allowed to see in heaven and on earth.

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Nathan Jones: Can you imagine how a person in the 1700s would describe computers, and satellites, and airplanes from the 21st century? Well, some of the technologies and advances we take for granted would seem indescribable to someone who had never been exposed to such wonders. Yet, John did a wonderful job of communicating what he had seen and heard, both to his contemporary readers and to the church down through the centuries.

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