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All eyes are on tight races around the country, the results of which are still not known.  But something else momentous happened on Election Day, and it’s not good.  Voters enshrined support for abortion up to birth in the law in Vermont, Michigan, and California. 
In Vermont, voters approved a measure to put abortion rights into the state constitution.  Critics say the measure permits “unlimited, unregulated abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy” and “would permanently block any attempt to protect the unborn — even those who can survive outside the womb.”
In Michigan, a ballot proposal put a right to abortion through all nine months of pregnancy into the state constitution, thereby legalizing abortion up to birth. 
The proposal also wipes out every pro-life law in the state, including parental consent which can no longer be required. 
The proposal passed after a deceitful campaign largely funded by billionaires from outside the state.  Campaigners falsely claimed the proposal would not affect parental rights, allow late-term abortions, or require taxpayers to fund abortions against their conscience. 
In California, voters approved a ballot measure which will allow killing babies in taxpayer-funded abortions up to birth.  The state constitution now contains a “right” to taxpayer-funded “late-term abortion up until the moment of birth, even if both mother and child are healthy.” 
The ballot measure must be read in conjunction with a law California passed in September shielding any person from civil or criminal liability or penalty for, among other things, their actions regarding their pregnancy resulting in perinatal death for causes that occurred in utero.  ‘Perinatal’ means around the time of birth including after birth, so that’s a fancy way of saying the door has been opened to infanticide in California.  The language that passed was trimmed back from earlier versions and looks fairly restrictive on paper.  But the Left never quits, and it’s guaranteed they will be back trying to expand the language and loosen the law.  You can also expect the Left to push for infanticide in other states.   
I want you to see exactly what you are supporting if you advocate abortion up to birth.  In April, the iconic photograph of ‘Baby Boy 1’ appeared in the news.  He was one of five babies who might have been killed in illegal partial birth abortions, killed after birth, or left to die after being born alive.  The circumstances are unclear, but D.C.’s mayor refused to investigate.  The photo shows Baby Boy 1 had “a fully formed face, fingers, toes, and all the primary features normally visible in a newborn.” 
Take a good look at what abortion up to birth really means:
Once again, I defy anyone to tell me this is not a human being. 
But you can expect more such pictures by the millions now that abortion up to birth is frozen into law in Vermont, Michigan, and California. 
Such proposals have also been made in Colorado and New Jersey, and on the federal level. 
It won’t take long for the bodies to start piling up.  Glad I’m not on the Left – I wouldn’t want this on my conscience.  And most Americans agree with me. 

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