The Daily Skirmish – Blowing the Lid Off the Transgender Lobby’s Pack of Lies

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There’s big money at stake: the market for transgender surgery grew to over $2 billion last year.

The Missouri Attorney General is investigating a transgender clinic in St. Louis for allegedly harming hundreds of children after a whistleblower published an account of shocking revelations there.  The whistleblower, who worked at the clinic in question, self-describes as “a queer woman … politically to the left of Bernie Sanders… married to a transman…..” 

The whistleblower provided a sworn affidavit alleging children are being given puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones without an individualized assessment of their particular cases, while telling parents such assessments are being done. 

Children, in some cases, are being given these drugs without parental consent or even after consent has been revoked.  Drugs continue even after patients report adverse effects from taking them.  An unstudied pancreatic cancer drug is being prescribed because it can grow breasts, even though it can and does poison the liver.  In some cases, the clinic proceeds with transitioning even where it is clear the parents are pressuring the child into it.  The whistleblower provided documentation the clinic has been billing state healthcare programs unlawfully. 

True Consent Coercion?

Clinic personnel told parents their children would probably commit suicide if not allowed to transition. 

“We lied to them all the time,” the whistleblower said.  “These doctors would push, and push, and push … and somehow the doctors thought that was a true good consent.” 

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True consent was also lacking because the clinic failed to inform kids about the foreseeable adverse consequences of transgender drugs and surgery.  There are words in the law for these actions, words like ‘undue influence’ and ‘fraud’.  To show you the kids didn’t really understand what they were getting into, the whistleblower recalls one girl who had her breasts removed and then, three months later, asked for them to be put back on. 

The clinic’s actions actually made impressionable mixed-up kids more suicidal.  “I have seen puberty blockers worsen the mental health outcomes of children,” the whistleblower said.  “Children who have not contemplated suicide before being put on puberty blockers have attempted suicide after.”  The clinic doesn’t track negative outcomes so they don’t have to report them to new patients, the whistleblower believes.  How convenient.

Cultish and Hell-Bent

The whistleblower described the atmosphere as “cult-like”, with doctors hell-bent on transitioning kids and unwilling to listen to contrary facts.  It’s a good bet the same mentality and unethical practices prevail in other gender clinics, so the whistleblower is calling for a nationwide halt to the procedures.  Britain ordered its only transgender clinic closed last year after similar allegations were documented there.

The word ‘cult’ was also used by a lesbian mother who led her 4-year-old son to transition into a girl and ended up regretting it.  The whole phony transgender narrative began to unravel for her when her other son, who previously showed no signs of confusion, started asking to be a girl, too.  The mother questioned her own assumptions and ended up raising her sons as boys.  “This experience for me has felt like leaving a cult, a cult that would have me sacrifice my child to the gods of gender ideology, in the name of social justice and collective liberation,” the woman wrote. “I have left this cult, and I am never turning back.”

She might be out, but the transgender lobby is still working to rope more people in.  The American Society of Plastic Surgeons is fighting state bills banning sex change drugs and surgery for minors.  There’s big money at stake: the market for transgender surgery grew to over $2 billion last year.

As Young as Four

So there are powerful forces at work, but they can be beaten.  A university health system in South Carolina shut down its gender clinic after government records requests exposed the fact the clinic was treating children as young as four.

Four-year-olds?  This is sick.  All so that some people can make a buck and pursue their left-wing political agendas.  The Left is in a very dark place.  And, as far as the Left’s phony narratives go, transgenderism is a particularly weak one, but it’s having ruinous consequences, consequences we should not allow.

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