The Daily Skirmish – Election Fraud: Turn Over the Rocks and Watch the Bugs Scurry Underneath


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A flood of new stories shows we have widespread problems with our elections.  Let’s start with the individual cases:

  • A former Congressman pled guilty to stuffing ballot boxes for the Democrats in Pennsylvania elections from 2014 to 2018.
  • A Republican councilwoman in New York pled guilty to submitting multiple absentee ballots in her reelection bid last year. 
  • A Democrat County Supervisor was indicted on 82 counts of false statements, procedural violations, forgery, and more in connection with an absentee ballot scheme in Virginia. 
  • Three women pled guilty to illegal ballot harvesting for the Democrats in Arizona in the 2020 primary election.
  • A city councilman in L.A. County and five others were charged with election fraud after arranging for nonresidents to vote in the city council election last year. A judge threw out the election results and declared the councilman’s opponent the winner in the race by three votes.  So, yes, detecting election fraud can change the outcome of elections, despite what the Democrats claim.

These individual cases are just the tip of the iceberg of what’s wrong with our elections.

A legal foundation found more than 8,000 people are registered twice or more on New Jersey’s voter rolls.  One voter appears on the rolls six times!

The citizens group amassing the evidence for the documentary ‘2000 Mules’ told Arizona’s lawmakers mules inserted ballots into drop boxes in the state an average of 21 times during the 2020 election.  How is such ballot trafficking possible?  The group noted the problem starts with bloated voter rolls, which make fraud possible when ballots are mass-mailed to everyone on the rolls, including dead voters, people who have left the state, students who vote elsewhere, ballots sent to vacant lots, etc.   That leaves a lot of ballots floating around out there that can be collected in apartment buildings and elsewhere, then cast illegally.  See the problem? 

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A whistleblower told the filmmakers things are so bad in one Arizona town that voters are coerced into showing their ballots to controllers who demand they vote a certain way.  People who want to run against the local machine are told they will be shot. 

Another citizens group obtained official records showing 20,000 mail ballots were received after the legal deadline in Maricopa County, Arizona, enough to change the 2020 election results. 

A citizen investigation based on government records found 36 percent of voter registrations in East Lansing, Michigan are inaccurate and 21 percent of ineligible voters cast ballots.  Fifty ballots still get sent to a street that no longer exists.  More than 1,700 votes were cast from dorms that were closed due to the pandemic at Michigan State University.  Makes you wonder about other college towns, doesn’t it?

Another citizen investigation in Michigan led a Detroit official to admit ballots were received in the middle of the night in the 2020 election.  He only admitted to 16,000 ballots arriving, but Michigan added 149,000 votes – 94 percent for Biden – the next morning.  Nobody has explained where those votes came from.  There is no good explanation. 

Voters in Wisconsin are suing five cities in the state over the unlawful use of unmanned drop boxes in elections.  The drop boxes, it is believed, are part of a thinly disguised, privately funded get-out-the-vote effort for Democrats run by government officials. 

A citizens group in Georgia found 72 counties illegally destroyed drop box video surveillance tapes involving more than 180,000 ballots for the 2020 election.  The group also found 56 counties illegally destroyed their electronic voting machine ballot images for the 2020 election in violation of state and federal requirements such records be preserved for at least 22 months. 

Finally, a sheriff in Michigan is suing the Secretary of State, the state Attorney General, and the state police for interfering with his investigation into election fraud in the 2020 election.  The sheriff alleges state officials confiscated documents, harassed his deputies, intimidated witnesses, and whisked away voting machines so they could not be examined.  This should get interesting, because the sheriff has constitutional law enforcement powers independent of state officials. 

Citizens and advocacy groups on the political Right are being criticized for taking an interest in election integrity.  We’re being told we’re imagining things and being too aggressive.  Our critics say the most ridiculous things like ‘there is no voter fraud’ and educating law enforcement on how to identify election fraud is somehow beyond the pale. 

If we’re successful, we will return to free and fair elections in this country.  If you’ve got a problem with that, I’ve got a problem with you.

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