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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis suspended the chief prosecutor in Tampa for refusing to enforce laws passed by the state legislature.  This was not a random choice – Andrew Warren chairs the Florida Democratic Party’s Safety & Justice Task Force. In suspending Warren, DeSantis said,

“Over the last few years individual prosecutors take it upon themselves to determine which laws they like and will enforce, and which laws they don’t like and won’t enforce and the results of this in cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco have been catastrophic.”  

Warren is on record effectively saying he refuses to enforce Florida’s abortion laws after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.  He also indicated he would refuse to support state laws limiting transgender drugs and surgery for minors.  He also adopted policies of ‘presumptive nonenforcement’, meaning he will pick and choose which state laws he will enforce and which he will not.  This amounted to the assertion of a veto power over the state legislature, DeSantis said, which is not the role of a prosecutor.  Exactly.  I’ve been saying the same thing for months.

The New York Times reported that George Soros funded Warren’s 2016 campaign, and Warren does not dispute the report.  Soros has spent $40 million to elect 75 progressive prosecutors around the country.  He sees the rising crime rates and the damage to the Rule of Law he is causing, but he’s not the least bit sorry.  He said this week he’s going to go right on supporting progressive prosecutors.  The man is delusional, because he also said, “Judging by the results, the public likes what it’s hearing” from progressive prosecutors.

No, it doesn’t.  San Francisco voters threw progressive prosecutor Chesa Boudin out on his ear in a recall election in June.  The DA in Orange County won reelection against a Soros-funded challenger.   Marilyn Mosby, the progressive prosecutor in Baltimore, lost her Democratic primary and is on the way out, so even some Democrats have had enough of George Soros and his bought-and-paid-for flunkies.  We find out later this month whether the recall effort against the progressive prosecutor in L.A. has gathered enough signatures to get on the November ballot. 

The new DA in San Francisco just adopted new policies to prosecute drug dealers caught with more than 5 grams of any drug, instead of sending them for social services without conviction.  In addition, “defendants holding lethal doses of fentanyl will face felony charges.”  She also revoked over 30 plea deals Chesa Boudin had given out in drug crimes, so the clean-up of San Francisco has begun. 

But the Soros troublemakers won’t go away quietly.  A group of them just blasted a Virginia judge who threw the progressive prosecutor in Loudon County off a case for withholding information from the court in order to sell a light sentence for a 19-year-old burglar.  But top Democrats in the county have signaled they want somebody else in the job. 

These renegade lawless prosecutors have placed themselves above the law and their state legislatures.  George Soros backed them precisely for the purpose of attacking our Rule of Law and creating chaos.  They won’t go away on their own, so they will have to continue to be voted out or, as Governor DeSantis has so courageously done, be suspended from office.  Other Governors – take note on how DeSantis did it and do the same in your state.  Four down – 71 to go. 

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