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The Unhinged

They are becoming a danger to themselves and others.  Listen to this:

  • An abortion clinic owner in Arkansas was charged with assault after trying to hit two people with her car who were praying outside her clinic.
  • A former UCLA race lecturer was arrested for threatening to shoot up the philosophy department at the University of Colorado.  The threat was in an 800-page manifesto he had sent to the department.  The police called the level of violence threatened in the manifesto “alarming” and “very disturbing”.

MSNBC host Tiffany Cross said we’re in a war and told her audience to pick up weapons and bring them to political fights. 

It’s not just that they’re becoming violent and engaging in the rhetoric of genocide.  They’re off their rocker in other ways, too.

A State University of New York professor said it’s not obvious it’s wrong for an adult to have sex with a one-year-old child.  Wow!

Or how about the young woman who told her brother-in-law he should have aborted his baby because the baby cries a lot.

Teachers in Illinois reacted to a judge’s temporary suspension of the school mask mandate by opening windows thereby forcing their students to endure freezing temperatures.  The teachers also threw students in detention and threatened to double their homework.  Wasn’t there a big thing about bullying in schools?  What happens when the teachers become the bullies?

A teacher in Pennsylvania lined her class up from the lightest to the darkest skin tone and made the white kids apologize to the black kids for being born white.  No wonder parents are in revolt. 

A teacher in California harangued a student for wearing a pro-police ‘thin blue line’ mask.  The teacher said it was the new Confederate flag.

The Left has finally made people so nervous about climate change they are seeking therapy for climate anxiety disorder.  I remember one woman calling into an NPR show all distressed and wondering if she should stop popping the top on soda cans and stop drinking it altogether because, you know, bubbles.  I feel sorry for her and everybody like her who has let the Left rot their brains.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel believes white supremacists were behind the Texas synagogue attack.  Why not?  They’re behind every bush.

Scientists are studying inequality among animals.  Oh yes, peacock privilege is a monumental problem.  Don’t these scientists have anything better to do?  I bet if they looked hard enough, they would find inequality among molecules.  That would be so sad, wouldn’t it?

The prize for most creative intersectionality goes to ‘vegan feminist’ author Carol Adams who said people eat meat because they hold a “white supremacist patriarchal worldview.”  I think it’s the reverse.  They hold a white supremacist patriarchal worldview because they eat meat.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg thinks black pedestrians are too stupid to cross the road safely so we need a federal program to change all that. 

That brings us to Joe Biden.  The fish rots from the head down.

He wants federal money to pay for smoke kits and safe injection sites for drug addicts.  Never mind that this kind of thinking came about from the supposed ‘harm reduction’ rationale thought  to contain the ill effects of drug addiction.  We could debate the harm reduction rationale, but Joe’s proposal is being justified on the grounds of racial equity.  So I guess that means white drug addicts are privileged so we have to give freebies to black drug addicts.  Or does it mean we want lots of black people to be addicted to drugs because lots of white people are addicted to drugs and we need equal outcomes?  I have no idea what racial equity for drug addicts means, but I do remember a Jesse Jackson anti-drug poster ‘you can walk to freedom, you can run to freedom, but you cannot stagger your way to freedom.’

I’m pretty sure you can’t crazy your way to where you want to go, either, but that doesn’t stop the Left from trying.

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