The Daily Skirmish – Suing, Buying, and Competing the Delusional Left Out of Existence

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“If Elon Musk successfully purchases Twitter, it could result in World War 3 and the destruction of our planet.”  That’s what some crazy leftist said on Twitter yesterday.  World War 3?  The destruction of the planet?  What’s interesting to me is that these crazy leftists are so far down the rabbit hole, they could believe such things.  They are delusional and should seek professional help.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, reality is delivering some stunning rebukes to these crazy leftists and their crazy beliefs. 

A public university in Ohio agreed to pay $400,000 to settle a lawsuit by a philosophy professor who refused to use students’ preferred pronouns.  It also agreed to cease and desist in its attempts to force him to use preferred pronouns in the future. 

It’s crazy for the authoritarian Left to compel speech in violation of the First Amendment and, furthermore, to compel all of society to tell lies.  Boys are not girls and girls are not boys.  To compel everyone to believe and speak otherwise is straight out of Soviet thought control.  To think you have the power to compel everyone on earth to labor under your delusions is really crazy.

If you think $400,000 is a lot, just wait until you hear this.  An Ohio appeals court panel just upheld a $44 million judgment against Oberlin College in Ohio for libeling a bakery when the College actively backed a student protest against the bakery.  The owner’s son chased down a black student for shoplifting.  The student later pled guilty, but protesters accused the bakery of racial profiling and discrimination.  The Dean of Students circulated a flyer and the student body passed a resolution, both containing defamatory statements about the bakery – ‘racists’, blah, blah, blah.  Defamatory statements were posted in the student union, and the school refused to take them down.  The flyer with the false information encouraged students to boycott the bakery.  The verdict included $33 million in punitive damages.  So, to all you smug crazy leftists out there, who trip over your own virtue signaling and let yourselves get carried away despite the facts of the case, just remember you, too, might one day be staring down the barrel of a $33 million punitive damage award.   To persist when the facts show you to be dead wrong, that’s really crazy. 

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And it’s really crazy to think you can force your beliefs on others.  A woman in Tennessee just won a $10,000 settlement from her union that tried to force her to pay union dues to support the union’s pro-abortion stance.  She had requested a religious exemption, but the union refused.  The union also agreed to write a letter of apology to settle the case.  It’s really crazy to think you can force everyone in the world to put their money behind your leftist beliefs. 

Back to the Big Lie of transgenderism for a moment, a women’s group has filed a formal civil rights complaint against the University of Pennsylvania for allowing that biological male Lia Thomas to compete on the women’s swim team.  You probably heard about the unfair competition and destruction of women’s sports, but the complaint also alleges the university created a hostile environment for women by allowing Thomas into the same locker room where he proudly displayed his male genitalia to the women’s team.  Team members requested the school make Thomas use a different locker room, but the coaches refused.  You leftists are really crazy if you think you’re going to get away with this kind of stuff. 

You’re also crazy to think you’ll never suffer any consequences from your outrageous behavior.  Students at Yale protested an event hosted by a conservative legal society featuring a speaker who had defended the Colorado baker in the gay wedding cake case in the Supreme Court.  After the protest, a federal judge took the unprecedented step of sending an email to all federal judges in the country encouraging them not to hire any Yale law students who took part in the protest.  If the students are not committed to free speech, they shouldn’t be getting prestigious clerkships from federal judges. 

So, you put that together with multimillion dollar punitive damage awards, conservatives starting competing companies when authoritarian leftists mess with their free speech, and Elon Musk mounting a hostile takeover of Twitter for doing the same, and you’ve got cold hard facts on the ground that should give even the most insane committed leftists pause.  Careful what you wish for, careful what you do, because we’re not going to sit still for your nonsense.  We can’t wait to return the favor and sue you, buy you, or compete you out of existence. 

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