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‘Go Woke, Go Broke’, the saying goes. 

Today’s news brings the story the Texas Attorney General stopped [Reuters]Citigroup from underwriting municipal bond offerings in the state after finding Citigroup discriminated against the firearms sector.  This follows recent actions by states against BlackRock for skewing its investments in favor of left-wing political priorities like climate change and racial justice. 

One example of that is Florida pulling $2 billion in state pension assets from BlackRock last month.  Then there’s the case of Bed, Bath & Beyond which had to close 150 stores and is looking at bankruptcy after going Woke and taking Mike Lindell’s MyPillow products off its shelves. 

Conservatives stopped shopping there – me included – and bought from Mike Lindell directly, instead.

What kind of business model is it to alienate half the country?  Not smart.

Bed, Bath & Beyond should be a cautionary tale to companies more recently going Woke. 

  • Casual shoemaker Crocs sponsors child drag shows with child performers.  I object.  Drag shows are adult entertainment. 
  • Mars issued all-female M&M bags featuring lesbian couple and ‘fat-positive’ candies.  What on earth for?  Yes, I always get my politics from the candy aisle, don’t you? 
  • General Motors funds a transgender organization that puts books promoting transgenderism in kindergarten and elementary school classrooms. 
  • JPMorgan Chase closed the account of a religious freedom group and demanded a list of the group’s donors to reinstate the account, all the while denying these steps were being taken because of the organization’s beliefs.  Former Kansas Republican Governor Sam Brownback, the founder of the group, said he is hearing the same thing from other groups and is calling on state attorneys general to investigate.

Good.  How can you get a business license to serve the public, then turn around and refuse to serve half the public?   Why is that allowed?

Other people are fighting back against the corporate tyrants.  Social media users unleashed a firestorm of criticism against makeup retailer Ulta for inviting a biological male transgender to discuss “all things girlhood” on its podcast.  “’Girlhood’ isn’t something you can buy from Ulta,” one post read.  “A beauty brand gaslighting the customers,” another said.  “Never shopping at ulta again,” went a third.

Heads up, Crocs.  A conservative group in Chattanooga circulated a petition demanding an end to drag shows for kids.  A nature center in Knoxville, a civic center in Jackson, and a restaurant & bar in Chattanooga all canceled their events. 

Red Balloon, a conservative-leaning job board has employers sign a pledge not to discriminate against workers’ personal beliefs in the workplace.  Over 2,000 employers have signed so far.  Red Balloon also advises workers on how to assert their free speech rights, opt out of training that violates their beliefs, and organize co-workers to fight retaliation. 

If you’re a CEO and thinking about taking your company Woke, don’t expect any sympathy when it blows up in your face.  Kroger stopped carrying MyPillow and pulled pro-Americans products from its shelves.  The company ran into flak from regulators when it announced a proposed merger with Albertson’s.  Senator Tom Cotton told Kroger’s Woke CEO in a congressional hearing, “if they silence conservatives and center right voters across the country, if they discriminate against them in their company, they probably shouldn’t come and ask Republican Senators to carry the water for them whenever their Democratic friends want to regulate them or block their mergers…. I’m sorry that’s happening to you.  Best of luck.” 

Best of luck, Bed, Bath & Beyond.  Best of luck, Kroger and Crocs.  And BlackRock and Citigroup. 

We don’t need you.  We have alternatives.  Just remember that.

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