The Duplicity of Invoking Loving v. Virginia

 The Richmond Times Dispatch, seeking to quash opposition to same-sex marriage, resorts to disingenuous arguments in its Editorial “Victory” of February 16, 2014.  No one denies the right for homosexuals to marry. They have that right as anyone else.  What is denied is the homosexual claim to a “right” to marry partners of the same-sex.

That is not supported by biology or Natural Law or millennia of civilized social order.

The Times Dispatch’s Editors sacrifice intellectual integrity in their repeated attempts to invoke the ruling of Loving v. Virginia as analogous to homosexual claims that discrimination is the basis for opposition to same-sex marriage. Discrimination is not operative here, Natural Law is.

The Virginia anti-miscegenation laws of 1924, rightly judged unconstitutional, were “man-made” laws generated by the cruelties of various segments of society. The anti-miscegenation laws were evil because they were not predicated on “Natural Law” but were in violation of it.

Contrary to the Times Dispatch’s confusion, traditional definition of marriage was never at issue in Loving v. Virginia. Continuing pretexts to a similarity between Loving v. Virginia and issues related to same-sex marriage opposition are dissembling.

Loving v. Virginia was waged to demolish the basic anti-miscegenation premise that Blacks are inferior to Whites. It fought to repeal the conceited prohibitions to inter-racial marriage contrived to protect the illusory supremacy of the White race. Any other reading is superficial and artificial.

Natural Law, not man-made laws, undergirds the imperishable truth that all men are created equal.

The Constitution only affirms what Natural Law commands regarding the equality of mankind. It was Natural Law that ended anti-miscegenation fabrications and became the epitome of support for inter-racial marriage.

Thus, conversely, it is this same force of nature that resists same-sex marriage. Same-sex marriage is anti-thetical to Natural Law and in violation of it. The “right” to same-sex marriage is an invention unsupported by nature. Arrogating rights that are not supported by natural order is despotic.

Marriage is an institution between one man and one woman that is supported by biology, nature, truth, and Natural Law.

Joe RogowskiJoseph A. Rogowski Advisory Board Member of the Virginia Christian Alliance.  He was called to Youth with a Mission in 1981. He and his wife Ursula served in Asia and the Pacific for approximately twelve years.


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