The Kingdom of Man

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We only need look around us today to see Man’s kingdom. Chaos. Deception. Confusion. Lies. Immorality. All in one package and on full display. What a difference a year makes. But make no mistake, the corruption was still there under the previous administration. What we did see, however, was the difference strong service oriented leadership produced in the way of change. And how fast it evaporated once we again returned to the old ways.

New Information on Covid’s Relevance

I listened to an interview Mike Adams did with Dr. Ardis recently regarding the possible origins of covid. It is not a smoking gun. What Dr. Ardis did is what every scientist does. He asks questions, and then searches to see what relevant documents already exist. His questioning supports covid’s source possibly being snake venom. Specifically, that of the common krait and king cobra. And not the natural venom, but a synthetic production of its nineteen peptides that attack various body systems such as heart, lungs, liver, pancreas, brain, etc.

If true, this would explain much. Such as why;

  • Was a covid sample never provided in court cases filed in over twenty countries.
  • Covid’s symptoms so closely matched those of snake bite victims.
  • Monoclonal antibodies (i.e., an anti-venom like regeneron) were an effective treatment.
  • Comorbidities were an important factor in covid deaths.
  • Certain groups, like smokers, reporting fewer cases and deaths.
  • Effective treatments like hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and budesonide were withheld. These are also effective against venom poisoning.

Finally, the documents presented in the interview also shed some light on why the adverse reactions to medical protocols (i.e., remdesivir), and the drugs in the shots also mirror the effects of venom poisoning. It is possible the ‘virus’, its treatment protocol, and ‘vaccines’ were all developed from the same source—and thereby produced the same results. The interview can be found at: Expect much more to come out on this topic in the coming days.

The Difference

Man’s kingdom, no matter what he chooses to call it, is based on pagan principles. These include;

All are not equal; rather some are more equal than others.

Those most fit should rule.

The good of the state and not the individual is the proper object of political thought.

Citizenship is only for the elite; some are by nature free and others slaves.

Persuasion and compulsion are used to bring harmony to citizens.

Citizens do not belong to themselves, but to the state.

Citizens should be molded to suit the form of government under which they live.

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Some are marked for subjection and for those who do not submit, war is proper.

These pagan principles are contrary and incompatible with those of societies based upon God’s.[1] They cannot coexist. Today’s self-proclaimed elite believe, through their wealth and power, they should rule. Resistance to their rule is justification for war against those who resist. We’ve been at war for over two years. Russia is resisting. They entered Ukraine to remove more dangerous materials that were to be used this fall to up the game. Therefore, the Deep State declared war on them. Any other message is just propaganda from Deep State media mouthpieces. (See Archbishop Vigano’s message below).

Some Societal Implications

These two sets of principles create societies differing in structure, values, and order. It can be no other way. One set of principles comes from God, the other from Satan—no matter what man chooses to believe. The latter are contrary to God’s way.

Pagan Society

Within the pagan society, as all are not equal there is at least one group with the capacity to rule. The people exist to serve the state under its principles. Therefore, those in power impose harmony on others, and resistance is met with force. Education, music, literature, poetry, media, and religion are all controlled by the state to mold and shape its people. Such states create their own god(s), as a religious people is easier to control. Because in the end, the people belong to the state. You are no more than property without rights. While this seems harsh; it is also true. We have thousands of years of history supporting the above, in addition to what we see today. This is not new.

Biblical Principles Society

Compare this to societies based upon Biblical principles. All are equal by nature; they therefore share the same set of common rights. These are all derived from God’s word. As God is good, these rights are all aimed at promoting the common good. Individuals elect leaders from the people in order to serve the people—not rule. The good of the individual is the proper object of these societies. This good also undergirds the people as well. Harmony comes about by the people aligning their will with God’s. Service to others takes precedence over self-absorption. Religion’s purpose is to teach God’s principles. The parent’s is to teach their children. Governance exists to protect these principles, and execute justice when they are violated. We see these ideas in America’s founding.

Their Structures

The following diagram displays the differences.

The first model represents pagan societies. The second Biblical based ones like America. The third is a more recent variation based upon pagan philosophy.[2] From Plato and Aristotle, to those like Machiavelli, Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, Nietzsche, and many others. In such ‘new’ societies, man has no need of God, because man sees himself as a god. Government therefore takes God’s place. Isn’t this the fruit of Satan’s rebellion against God? Hmm. So we sit today.

Sin’s Relevance

When we turn away from God, we fall into sin. Because God’s natural rights, and therefore His natural law, aim at preventing us from sinning. Not that we will ever be without sin. Rather, when we aim at the proper target our sins should be smaller, and hopefully, less frequent.

Societal structure reflects its people’s character. We have a King outside of ourselves who never changes or varies. He successfully leads us through life and transforms us. We more fully reflect His image. It is time to stand against evil and reject it. These are not only my thoughts. I’ll close with a link to a recent message from Archbishop Vigano. His message starts at about the 5 minute mark. I hope you’ll take the 30 minutes to give it a listen. Peace and Blessings to you all.


[1] From God’s Kingdom. The list of Biblical principles in that article.

All Man is equal by nature.

Leaders should come from the people, be elected by the people, to serve the people.

The good of the individual and the people are the proper object of society.

Citizenship in this society is open to all.

Harmony occurs through our alignment with God’s will.

All belong to God as we’re created by Him, but we have the free will to make our own decisions.

Aligning our will with God’s transforms us into His image—in a word, good.

War is proper only in defending oneself or another.


[2] Incidentally, the pagan principles outlined above came primarily from Plato’s Republic and Aristotle’s Politics. They are still taught and used today.

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