(VIDEO) OK, Male Teen Identfies as a Girl Today and Goes into the Girls Lockeroom (Charlottesville, VA)


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and what happens?

On May 31, Albemarle County Public Schools (ACPS) held a Zoom forum called, Community Information Session on Transgender/Gender-Expansive Policy & Supports

During the Q & A session, ACPS officials were asked by a concerned parent, in essence: What happens when boys enter the girls’ locker room just for kicks?

Following a pregnant pause, school bureaucrats took turns double-talking and offering non-answers to the posed query, in an embarrassing display of academic mendacity.

NB: The presenters’ immediate substitution of “bathroom” for the asked-about “locker room and bathroom” scenario—a classic and deliberate circumvention technique.

View the video to observe ACPS transgender exponents’ blatant duplicity.

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