We Need to Leave Death in God’s Hands

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Richmond Times-Dispatch Letter to the Editor

In his letter, “Time for Virginia to allow physician-assisted deaths,” Correspondent of the Day Dr. J. Latane Ware wants Virginia doctors to be allowed to help an “individual who has a severe, incurable, and terminal condition” in the individual’s death.

Doctor-assisted death/suicide would be another step in the death culture that developed in the early 20th century as Darwinism’s “man evolving from an animal” and “survival of the fittest” movements progressed to the eugenics movement, in which Virginia was infamously a leader. Darwin’s theory calls for the elimination of “all the disgraces of nature.” It reached its peak, but not its end, with the German Holocaust.

The death culture got a jump-start again 45 years ago when the Supreme Court gave doctors the legal right to kill a baby in the womb, which has resulted in more than 60 million dead babies. This American holocaust has further allowed and encouraged movements for euthanasia and infanticide.

All these death movements have had their strict requirements, under defined circumstances, to ensure that killing is done under orderly and sanitary conditions.

We need to be aware of how pressure will be brought on older patients as to the waste of money and resources spent keeping them alive. This is all part of the death culture that wants to cleanse the world of the undesirables, the handicapped, the old, and the useless eaters.

I’m sure Ware has a heart for the suffering patients whom he has attended or seen and he is responding to that, but we need to leave the death responsibility in the hands of God. He is the one who created us and who determines our lifespan.

Greene Hollowell.


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