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Creator Faith Divine Law and Charity

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Dan Wolf | Virginia Christian Alliance Advisory Board Member

Something wonderful happened this last election. The American people rose up and elected a leader rejecting both party’s establishment. While I’ve had concerns about some of what Donald Trump has said, I agree with his sentiment that our government has become corrupt and needs a restoration of the balance of powers. I’m willing to give him a chance and see if he can right the ship. His cabinet and advisory picks so far have been impressive. Impressive primarily for their moral character and what they’ve stood for, and most also have expertise in the areas they would serve. They most assuredly have the heart for the challenge ahead.

But the Democratic party has not yet heard the call. Like all good elitist, the problem wasn’t their message. They just didn’t communicate their message well enough. People were not committed enough. They didn’t spend enough money in the right places. They weren’t organized well enough. They were betrayed, by some of their constituent groups and the media. The list goes on and on. No worries though. Our soon to be former President will take up residence in DC, with the purpose of continuing to communicate their message. Considering Mr. Ellison for DNC chair, the reelection of Ms. Pelosi, and recent statements by her only confirm that party’s unwavering commitment to the present course, and taking it even further to the left.

The basic problem is that, metaphorically at least, they are in the business of selling crap sandwiches. You can change the bread and condiments, but in the end the sandwich’s substance is still the same. Most people don’t want more than one. It is a reason why they need to continue to invent new terms, and corrupt old ones, in an attempt to gain support for their ideas. Once people understand what they truly offer, they don’t want it.

They claim the other side only continues the trot out the same old tired failed ideas. They should look into a mirror. Their ideas are truly older and are the same old tired ones that have failed every single time they have been tried. Those ideas go back to the early state religion societies of Egypt, Babylonia, Assyria, Greece, Rome and many others. Their ideology includes some of the following notions, ideas that come from Aristotle and Plato—ideas that are at the heart of what this web-site is committed to challenge, educate, and expose. (See The Road Ahead … for more).

Collectivism (Statism) Principles
All are not equal, rather some are more equal than others
Those most fit should rule (the elite)
Good of the State and not the individual is the proper subject of political thought
Citizens should be molded to suit the form of government under which they live
Citizens do not belong to themselves, but to the State
Persuasion and compulsion to be used to bring harmony to citizens
Some are marked for subjection and for those who do not submit, war is proper
Citizenship is only for the elite, some are by nature free and others slaves

The elitism inherent within statism increases a people’s dependency. At best it makes them economic slaves. Look at the increases in the number of people on various forms of welfare and public assistance over the last eight years alone, and the moral decay in that many now deem this dependency as a ‘right’. Honestly? And no, it wasn’t Bush’s fault as the underpinnings of the 2008 financial meltdown have their roots in government policies enacted in the 1990’s by a Republican congress and Democratic president. Bush merely accelerated the collapse by waging an unpaid for war.

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This statism view is contrary to our purpose. We are instead to become good, like our Creator is Good. This requires the freedom to make choices for ourselves and developing virtue whereby over time we make better choices. These are ‘the what’ we need to accomplish our purpose. How we accomplish it is through acts of charity. Caring for others is our purpose, and the fulfillment of divine law. It is not government’s responsibility. That is simply abdicating our responsibility, to both ourselves and our fellow man. These relationships are outlined below.

Creator Faith Divine Law and Charity

We have been on the wrong track for some time. I would argue for most of the last century. But polling indicates that 2/3’s to 3/4’s of the American people agree over the last eight years. We see our basic rights taken away through legislation such as Obamacare, and actions of the IRS and Department of Justice. We see new ‘rights’ created out of thin air by a Supreme Court’s arrogance. These are just the fruits of the last century’s effort to transform America into a statism based utopia. America doesn’t need transformation; it needs restoration. By that restoration it will truly be transformed—as will we as individuals and a people. It is our calling.

CollectivismCharity Ebook CoverThe above ideas form the basis of my recent work, Collectivism and Charity, which is intended to educate about the principles underlying two world views, and uses our education system and the war on poverty to demonstrate why the world view we have recently embraced is so wrong. But there is hope. It begins with us, our orientation and the choices we make. We can change that course. It will not be without pain as we’ve inflicted much damage to ourselves; it simply requires the will to do it. God heard our prayers and has granted us a reprieve. Now we must begin the work to change.

Peace and Blessings to you all. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Collectivism and Charity
Written by: Dan Wolf
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Dan Wolf
Dan Wolf is a researcher and analyst; examining complex, abstract topics. His writing’s premise is based on one simple idea. We do not receive the benefits of God’s gifts unless we are turned toward Him. Each generation needs to learn this lesson to pass on what’s important. What are those gifts? Freedom, faith, and grace among others. Our Founders considered education, religion, morality, and virtue to be the cornerstones for any successful society. Success requires an education in both the languages of reason and faith, reason alone is not enough. Unfortunately, our education system today no longer teaches what we need to be successful, so we risk losing our way. But it is not too late. In the end we each have the freedom to choose, and the ability to learn. There are many who have already blazed a trail for us; we only need the will to embrace the challenge and make the effort. Together we will restore the societal foundation that our Founder’s, and many after them, fought and died for. The choice is ours. My goal is to assist you on your way. I can be reached at livingrightly@mindspring.com. His site is at:  http://www.livingrightly.net/