Youngkin: America’s Foundations Crumbling Under Biden, Progressives

Governor elect Youngkin

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Fred Lucas | The Daily Signal

WASHINGTON—The Founders built America on a rock, but today, because of the Left, the rock is crumbling, and the country must assert moral clarity on several fronts to fix it, said Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin, who fired up the crowd at the Road to Majority Conference Saturday.

“They built it on rock. They unleashed a wave of freedom across the world with the prosperity of seeing a shining sea, the greatest nation ever built,” Youngkin said. “Yet today, we can feel the great American house shaking. Across our college campuses, echoes of extermination speech, while chaos roars across our borders.”

He noted that “Joe Biden and the progressive Left began to attack the basic foundation of our nation. The rock began to crumble and turned to sand, and those shifting sands compromised in America.”

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Youngkin said bouncing back would require moral clarity. 

“A nation built on rock has moral clarity—moral clarity to say that having thousands more across our border every single day is wrong, moral clarity to never question that we stand faithfully and unapologetically with Israel, moral clarity to say men playing sports with women is wrong. A nation built on rock sees the role of faith across our history.”

The governor talked about inflation “stealing from hardworking Americans’ paychecks,” government regulations, and challenges to national security.  

“We see a weakened America on the global stage with Iran and Russia waging war and the Chinese Communist Party threatening to take advantage of America’s weakness,” Youngkin added. 

Despite these challenges, he added that he has “unbridled optimism.”

“We know one basic truth: God has blessed America,” he said. 

Youngkin, a Republican, was elected in blue Virginia in 2021, defeating former Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat, in an election based largely on parental rights and public school policy. 

“Parents have a fundamental right to make decisions in their children’s life with regard to their upbringing and their education,” he said. “Parents matter.”


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