November 2, 2020

Creation by Design

This month, ICR zoologist Frank Sherwin pulls back the curtain to reveal just some of the hummingbird’s elegantly intricate capabilities. Mr. Sherwin points out in “Hummingbirds by Design” that when a hummingbird draws nectar from a flower, we can marvel at how both bird and plant were crafted for each other. The Creator carefully constructed the flower in just the right way to feed the tiny creature: “These flowers seem uniquely designed to accommodate a hummingbird’s beak and tongue….God designed the hummingbird’s bill and tongue to drink nectar from flowers many insects wouldn’t be able to access.” Mr. Sherwin also highlights the sophisticated design of the hummingbird’s metabolism, vision, and vocalization. Every part of this tiny bird points to the genius of Christ.


The Bible does not say what the literacy rate was in ancient Israel, but it does indicate that it was not rare. Now evidence shows that in ancient Israel literacy was not the exclusive domain of a handful of royal scribes, so there is no need to doubt the biblical accounts on these matters. As was the case in last week’s Update on architecture, this emphasis on writing and education came centuries prior to the classical Greeks. We look forward to hearing about more discoveries in the future that will continue to impact this subject

Why So Many Legal Immigrants Reject A Biden/Harris Presidency? 

The worst nightmare to us would be: After escaping socialist, authoritarian or anarchistic regimes, we allow America to gradually deteriorate into the kind of nations we escaped from. That is the very reason why we have to organize, share with fellow Americans the invaluable lessons we learned, and forcefully oppose the Biden/Harris presidency.         

Trump vs. Biden on Islam: The Important Details

Along with the countless other extreme differences between the current and the would-be presidents, Trump offers a serious approach that recognizes some of Islam’s most problematic doctrines,  while Biden offers the usual, feel-good bromides—the natural culmination of which can now be seen in France, which is slowly resembling a war zone.