A Response: The Real Question About the Fetal Body Parts Industry


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Terry Beatley | Fairfax Free Citizen
Hosea Initiative

Editor’s Note. The above article responds to comments to the Planned Parenthood article presented here in the Fairfax Free Citizen.

How do we want our government to look at us—as creatures or as Creations?

The former co-founder of NARAL (NARAL Pro-Choice America) had some strong opinions about this question when I met with him, and so did America’s founding fathers, whose answers can be found in the Declaration of Independence. In light of the recent undercover Planned Parenthood videos, which demand this question to be asked, it is even more relevant today than in yesteryear. The stakes are high—creature or Creation? 

I’d bet that the staunchest atheist and I can agree that we would rather be viewed as Creations because history has made it bloody clear what happens when people are viewed as mere creatures of the state.

Not sure? As you sip your coffee in the comfort of your American home, just think of Stalin starving to death 20 million Russians; Mao’s military murdering the starving innocent for hiding ten grains of rice; or Hitler’s scientists studying how freezing water affects a submerged Jew. Now you can swallow and hang with me until the end of this article. We’ve all been programed for “soundbites,” but I want to have a meal with you … and Margaret Sanger.

220px-MargaretSanger-Underwood.LOC Margaret Sanger, birth control activist
and founder of organizations that evolved
into Planned Parenthood
(Wikipedia Photo)
So, let’s talk Margaret together. Defenders of the “Controlling Birth Queen” are absolutely correct. She was publically opposed to abortion BECAUSE she knew it killed a human being and, oh my, gentle reader, wasn’t she right? I bet even Margaret would cringe and get queasy, just like we did, if she could view what her employees are doing today!

That queasiness comes instinctively to us because written onto our hearts, unless they are hardened and calloused, is the ability to triangulate between good, truth, and beauty. We know instantly when looking at a mother cuddle and kiss her newborn baby that that is an image of absolute beauty. Because of the beauty, we can triangulate and see goodness and truth. It’s just the way it works … organically.

Juxtapose that image to a chopped up baby in a dish with little arms, legs, and eyeballs swirling in his or her blood, and we know instantly that that is not beauty, nor goodness. It is a lie. It’s a big lie. It’s a multi-billion dollar lie, as a matter of fact, and I’m so thankful Margaret publically recognized abortion for what it is—the mass scale, assembly-line butchering of children. Thank you, Miss Margaret. Cheers to you in … well, wherever you are.

Are you wondering:

If Miss Margaret was not officially for abortion, what in Hades happened to her organization to transition it into a massive killing machine now funded by our tax dollars?

I wanted to ask her, but darn, she had died in 1966. So 43-years later, while doing what feminists said I would despise, that is, I quit my salvific, self-actualizing career to stay home with my two “parasites,” I was able to interview the doctor who demanded Planned Parenthood enter the abortion trade.

His name was Dr. Bernard Nathanson, who co-founded what is known today as NARAL Pro-Choice America, the most powerful pro-abortion political action organization. Maybe he would know a little something about abortion considering his former position and nicknames:  “The Abortion King,” “The Scraper,” and “The Keeper of the Abortion Industry Keys.”

And he did. He:

… helped nurture the creature in its infancy by feeding it great draughts of blood and money; [he] guided it through its adolescence as it grew fecklessly out of control. (The Hand of God, Regnery Publishing, Inc., 1996, p. 4)

180px-NARAL logo

(Wikipedia Image)

In 1970, as the face of NARAL, he was working for legislation that would repeal New York’s anti-abortion law and strip the unborn child from all rights and protections.

Now imagine this. . . Planned Parenthood was sitting on the sidelines disengaged from the legislative battle, and Dr. Nathanson asked for a meeting with them to present his case on why Planned Parenthood of New York should get involved in legalizing abortion. The Board listened to his demands, but they seemed unmovable and rather stoic.

The repeal bill, though, passed into law, and the governor blew kisses to the babies in their mother’s wombs and told them to vote for him in 18 years—if they survived. The DOLLARS began to flow. . . umm, about $65,000,000 in New York alone. Since NARAL and the pro-aborts had convinced America that “it” wasn’t a baby—just a product of conception, a blob of tissue, or, of course, just a “choice,”demand was high and like a good wine, probably the brand Planned Parenthood’s Medical Director sipped in the first undercover video, the taste of profits was too much.

Despite its founder’s public opinion that abortion was MURDER, Dr. Nathanson received a phone call from Planned Parenthood asking if he would teach them how to do the procedure and how to run a “clinic.” For two years the embryonic abortion beast took “copious notes” and learned directly from the “The Keeper of the Abortion Industry Keys.” Considering 75,000 babies lost their lives under his watch, Planned Parenthood got a first-class education.

So, back to the butchered babies in the dish.

Years later, after Dr. Nathanson recognized that human beings in the womb are marvelous Creations made in the image and likeness of God, not mere creatures, and he had decided against suicide, he warned about “fetal body parts farming.” We talked about it in the interview, too, and the danger reminded me of a slippery slide.

220px-US Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun detail-200x300Associate Justice Harry Blackmun wrote the
Court’s Roe V. Wade opinion
(Wikipedia Photo)

You remember as a kid, sliding down and then trying to run back up and your feet would slip, yours knees bang down and you’d try again, only to fall again. This is the slope the botched Roe vs. Wade decision has put America on and for years after his pro-life conversion, Dr. Nathanson tried running back up the slide only to bang his knees, but never loud enough. The media was no longer listening to the doctor, who they once venerated and nursed on his every word.

He had calculated and warned about the monetary value of creatures, not creations, so let’s just look at the numbers and the cold, hard cash. Take diabetes, for example. In 1996, when Dr. Nathanson warned about what was coming, there were 1.4 million diabetic Americans who could be treated with “freshly aborted fetus” tissue. Success, though, required functional fetal pancreatic tissue to be from babies fourteen and twenty weeks old. Unfortunately, one “creature” was not enough:

it requires the tissue from eight fetuses (Latin for ‘young children’) to substitute for the deficient pancreas in the adult … ; thus we (abortionists in America) would need to abort 11.2 million fetuses annually … (at that age range to) treat all of the insulin-dependent diabetics in the United States. (The Hand of God, p. 163.)

Where would this “tissue” come from?

If you noticed, there seems to be a deficit in fetal parts for diabetics, which of course, means a massive shortage on parts nationwide for other diseases. I mean, shucks, just Parkinson’s alone needs four babies’ brains and nerve tissue to be between nine and twelve weeks old for every one Parkinson’s patient.

Folks, we now know where we are on the slippery slope …  way at the bottom. From the mouth of babes, woops, I mean from the mouth of one of Planned Parenthood’s feminists caught on video, the fetal parts industry is big bucks. You know, why even pull out my calculator? Planned Parenthood’s employee, Dr. Mary Gatter, a real material girl, let her gold tooth shine when she remarked on lofty pricing. “ I want a Lamborghini.” Yes, indeed, I bet she’d look hot in that $300,000 car for an old lady who sells dead baby organs. I’ll keep my mini-van.

Now it’s time to don your Colonial costume and explore Miss Margaret’s worldview. I promise you, we’ll join hands and dance a Colonial minuet all the way back to the Declaration of Independence. Here we go … Miss Margaret had a 3-point philosophy, just like a waltz:  1) promiscuity, 2) eugenics, and 3) controlling births. Feminists like to boast about #3, but she was more than a latex and pill-popping warrior. She was a Darwinist, atheist, socialist whose niche was revolutionary sexual liberation, and she adhered to a Secular Humanist worldview:  “No Gods! No Master!”

220px-Birth Control Review 1919Margaret Sanger published the Birth
Control Review from 1917 to 1929
(Wikipedia Image)

As a lifetime member of the American Eugenics Society, she surrounded herself with devout racists and she even recruited a Nazi, Ernst Rudin, to write for her American Birth Control Review pamphlet. He was a big-wig in the German Society for Race Hygiene, author of Hitler’s sterilization policy, and loved Miss Margaret’s eugenic ideas. Imagine that! Please keep dancing with me.

She despised marriage. She denigrated chastity. She loved sexual promiscuity, and she often talked it. She believed in the Malthusian philosophy of controlling population of people she deemed “unfit;” and she died a miserable alcoholic and drug addict. Now, all of these “credentials” are perfectly fine for someone who denies the existence of God because they think they are a god, and Miss Margaret was one. . . . well, in her own mind.

But I HATE her population control strategy she called the “Negro Project” and what she and her organization did to Reverend J.T. Braun, a prominent black minister in 1941. He intuitively knew where her birth control train would lead, but under pressure from his wife, whom Sanger had strategically befriended, he acquiesced. Reverend Braun wrote Sanger in 1941:

At first glance I had a horrible shock to the proposition [of supporting your birth control movement] because it seemed to me to be allied to abortion …

Oh my, if only he knew of the gigantic slide she pushed him and his wife down:  according to the U.S. Bureau of Vital Statistics, abortion is the leading cause of death in the black community today. Abortion deaths outnumber all other deaths combined due to diseases, accidents, and homicides.

Good Lord. I think I feel Reverend Braun’s tears dripping into our Valley of Tears. How sick and sad, but then again, it’s her Darwinian worldview—THE PRESERVATION OF FAVOURED RACES, which was the subtitle to his now famous book. Darwin says we are nothing but mere creatures in this struggle for life, and the most well-funded, oops, I mean the fittest, wins. I just don’t want my taxes going to support the annihilation of the black race. We are equal Creations, and I love my black friends.

This, my fellow “creatures,” is what happens when our laws veer away from recognizing God, the Creator, who fearfully knits us together in our mother’s womb with rights that only He can give and take away. No government, though they have tried, has the authority to take away what God gives.

As surely as the Dred Scott decision of 1857 was wrong, so is the the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision because there is nothing in the Constitution even hinting at the fundamental right to privacy which allows the killing of another human being. This privacy claim is a spit in God’s face, and He most patiently holds back his wrath, while men without chests in Washington, D.C., debate whether or not to fund this damned monster.

But seriously, America, does the chopped-up baby really matter? If we are not Creations by the God of the Universe who gifted us with the unalienable right to life, then we are mere creatures of the state without any basis for rights and protections. We are really just pawns to move around on a political chessboard watching the powerful eat caviar (or is it?)

Abraham Lincoln head on shoulders photo portrait-228x300President Abraham Lincoln
(Wikipedia Image)

Could it be that all of our rights are abrogated when greedy, fallen man pushes God out of governance? President Lincoln asked it best when he said:

I would like to know if taking this old Declaration of Independence, which declares that all men are equal upon principle, and making exceptions to it, where will it stop? If one man say it does not mean a negro, why may not another man say it does not mean another man?

We’re back staring at the Declaration and what it contains—the value system guiding America with its bold proclamation of the Creator of those unalienable rights that our Supreme Court, President, legislature, or Planned Parenthood cannot take away. Case closed. Thank you for the minuet.

As for the Hosea Initiative team, we are fulfilling a promise made to the doctor who unleashed abortion onto America and who wanted his strategy of deceit widely known. Through seminars, webinars, and educational material, we’re doing just that and spreading his personal parting message. Dr. Nathanson told me to tell America to:

Love one another. Abortion is not love. Stop the killing. The world needs more love.

So let’s choose love, America. It is so much better than killing little babies that even the former NARAL co-founder could see that. We are so very grateful that America’s founders ingrained the answer to this pivotal question:  how do we want the government to see us? Clearly, the answer is as a “Creation” made in the likeness and image of the Almighty Creator. Anything different, we’re nothing more than the sum of our parts.

Dear Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell, and lead all souls to heaven, especially those in most need of thy mercy, especially the Planned Parenthood employees, who have lost all feelings for the unborn child. May they be driven down to their knees in repentance and recognize that you, Lord, are their Creator, as well.

Terry BeatleywebTerry Beatley is president of Hosea Initiative and a Board Member of the Virginia Christian Alliance.

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Terry Beatley
Terry Beatley made a promise to Dr. Bernard Nathanson (co-founder of NARAL). He gave her his parting message to deliver across America and encouraged her to teach how he regretfully and deceptively paved the way for the U.S. Supreme Court Roe v Wade decision. Explaining the real “War on Women” and the “History of the Negro Project” in her Loving Life Seminars, she shares his story while explaining how the aggressive abortion industry markets promiscuity to children, legislatively destroys parental rights and undermines our Constitutional liberty. She has been interviewed on numerous radio shows including Dr. Richard Land Live, Culture Shock Radio, Katrina, Dominion Radio, Steve Deace Show, and Zeus Radio Network’s “This Is Your Life: Courage to Change” show. Her articles appear in various newspapers including the Washington Times.m.