Articles by Dr. Michael Brown

The Human Side of LGBTQ Pride and the Predicament it Causes for Loving Christians

By all means, build those bridges and get involved in people’s lives in the most loving, non-condemning way you can. All of us are lost sinners if not for God’s amazing grace through Jesus. 

But remember: as long as you state that homosexual practice is sinful; as long as you reject the validity of same-sex “marriage”; as long as you refuse to affirm someone’s perceived gender identity, on some level, you will be judged to be bigoted or hateful. 

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An Urgent Call to a Holy Uprising

A missionary with the China Inland Mission wrote to Betty’s parents: “A life which had the longest span of years might not have been able to accomplish one-hundredth of the work for Christ which they have done in a day.” That is the power of martyrdom!