Articles by Shenandoah Christian Alliance

The Left Has No Clothes

The Left employs revolution to obtain rights-violating ideologies and systems—by force as necessary. The Left includes communism, socialism, fascism/nazism, anarchy, and theocracy.

Whose Kingdom is it Already?

Who, or what, is really shaping our worldview? J. Jeff Toler, for Shenandoah Christian Alliance Worldview – noun A network of ideas and presuppositions which individuals hold…

We Must Cast Down Imaginations

the evil imaginations placed in hearts and minds of many have destroyed the fabric and foundations of America, Christian, you have an anointing from the Holy One, and all of you know the truth.

Now it’s Time to Ask Questions

How are the unvaccinated threatening the vaccinated if the vaccine works to lessen the symptoms—and the likelihood of death—but those with the vaccine can still get and spread the virus?