Suzanne Shattuck

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to Blame for Pandemic

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to Blame for Pandemic

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The Corona Virus is wreaking havoc across the country (map), and many are undecided as to whether it is as serious as reported or if it is a ploy used by the Left to grab power and oust Trump. Regardless of those opinions, the one thing it has done is to alert Americans that China’s CCP is a predator against the United States. They want to ultimately destroy us as a nation, and we need to distance ourselves from them completely.

Everyone understands when a predator stalks its prey it does so subtly and quietly. We see this over and over on National Geographic as the cheetah takes space getting in close to the gazelle, but sometimes something happens that causes the gazelle to look up, smell the air and realize something is just not right. Then the gazelle makes the decision to make space in order to save its life and survive. Once the predator realizes the jig is up, the chase ensues.

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