Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to Blame for Pandemic


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The Corona Virus is wreaking havoc across the country (map), and many are undecided as to whether it is as serious as reported or if it is a ploy used by the Left to grab power and oust Trump. Regardless of those opinions, the one thing it has done is to alert Americans that China’s CCP is a predator against the United States. They want to ultimately destroy us as a nation, and we need to distance ourselves from them completely.

Everyone understands when a predator stalks its prey it does so subtly and quietly. We see this over and over on National Geographic as the cheetah takes space getting in close to the gazelle, but sometimes something happens that causes the gazelle to look up, smell the air and realize something is just not right. Then the gazelle makes the decision to make space in order to save its life and survive. Once the predator realizes the jig is up, the chase ensues.

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China has been stalking us for decades. They stealthily brought their communist ideology dangerously close to Americans, luring many directly into their pack by strategically influencing our media, politics, education, entertainment, and even many of our churches. They are involved in asymmetric warfare through the information and propaganda they pump into our lives.

The result of this ongoing Chinese informational war in our country not only affects us nationally but at a state, and local level. Look no further than what has been happening in the Virginia State Legislature to understand this reality. You’ve heard it said that no country would invade the United States because reportedly there is a gun behind every blade of grass? There is truth to that and why after investigation you will find Communist and Chinese influence working through the Democrats in Virginia. Trevor Louden, author of The Enemies Within, writes extensively about the Communist influence in our politics and specifically in the Democrat Party.

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China doesn’t just peddle their ideology, but they steal. Gordan Chang, a China Analyst reports (see video below).  China has stolen multiple billions of dollars of intellectual property over several decades.


And in fact, the FBI reportedly has over one thousand intellectual property investigations ongoing. Think of the numbers of Americans who have worked hard and spent thousands of dollars to create something, only to have the idea stolen from them overnight.

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Many more are now asking how we got in this situation with China and more importantly why were we doing business with our enemy? I’ve heard countless times, especially during Desert Storm and the Iraq War that the United States policy was not to negotiate or do business with terrorists, so why have we been doing business with communists whose nature is to control and deceive?

Now, the Chinese Communist Party’s deceit and mishandling of a deadly virus have most Americans panic-stricken and facing an economic downturn that could rival the Great Depression. America’s response should be to cut all ties with them, declare independence and become self-reliant again.

 This precarious medical and economic situation may present a perfect opportunity to break away from China, if we weren’t so reliant on them for our pharmaceuticals. This has been known, but obviously now more of a serious problem. Finding out all the different areas of our daily life that depend on products from China is like peeling back an onion. It is extensive.

China produces not only most of the ingredients in our drugs but also the manufacturing of them. That realization couldn’t come at a more stressful time as during a pandemic.

 China has never had good intentions towards us, instead, they continually seek to conquer us. They dominate the market for prescription drugs which treat the sick but also pump in illicit drugs to further addict and ruin lives.

Rosemary Gibson, the co-author of China RX, points out China’s pharmaceutical dominance carries national security as well as diplomatic ramifications. She responded in a 2018 Epoch Times Interview, “It puts the United States in a strategic disadvantage in a dramatically negative way. If you look back at history during World War II in Europe, food was used as a weapon of war, to starve people into submission. If it can be done with food, surely it can be done with medicine.”

Going forward we must focus on becoming self-reliant, able to take care of ourselves in uncertain times, and these are uncertain times. Thankfully President Trump has been leading us away from this dangerous relationship with China and rightly likening our connection to them as an abusive one. He said at a rally in 2016 referring to trade with China, “we can’t continue to allow China to rape our country, and that’s what they’re doing,”

Trump realizes the Chinese people are also being abused by the Communist Party, especially under the more dictatorial leadership of Xi Jinping. In fact, about a million people gathered in the streets of Hong Kong to cry out for their independence from the ruling party.

 Hopefully, the Chinese people will be able to take control of their country if power and control are taken away from the Chinese Communist Party. Just as we need to declare independence from our addiction to China, their people need to become independent of the evil regime.

Right now, America’s priority going through this pandemic is to care for our sick and prevent the spread of the virus, but then also to focus on bringing the displaced manufacturing jobs home from China, all of them. Fund this through a reallocation of money that would normally go to the United Nations as well as overbudgeted and underperforming government agencies. Put a mark on the calendar for when this would possibly be up and running. Give encouragement to the hardworking Americans who have lost their jobs due to China’s irresponsible behavior. Put able-bodied men and women who have been taking advantage of our welfare for far too long on notice. There will be jobs for Americans first.

President Trump is working towards this. And it is our job to keep the faith and tough it out through this time of medical uncertainty and economic hardship. We are going to quickly learn what our needs are versus our wants. But we can do this together and be all the stronger for it. We may be poorer by worldly measures but if we once again learn how to take care of ourselves and each other without daily government assistance we will resemble more of the Americans who built this country from the ground up.

Maybe it was going to take something of this magnitude, a collapsing economy and a horrible virus to face the reality of our present danger. And just as a cheetah or serial rapist knows, when the prey is startled, it will attempt to get away, and that is when the chase ensues.

 Let us use this pause in our routines to focus on becoming stronger families and neighbors, self-reliant in a physical sense but more dependent in a spiritual sense on the God who always wants the best for us and has guided us through the darkest times of our country’s existence. It is what made America great in the first place.

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Suzanne Shattuck
Suzanne Shattuck is a registered nurse in an Emergency Room.  She was a military wife for over twenty years and has 4 grown children. She is also the co-founder of Rugged Reliance, a company that offers emergency preparedness training to inspire others to develop a mind and skill set that offers an advantage in difficult times