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We are in a war, but an irregular war the likes of which we’ve not seen before. China financed internal insurgents like BLM and Antifa. It has corrupted many of our political leaders (at all levels) and the media. At the same time big tech is censoring information. A globalist group also wants to reset the economy, thereby playing God by remaking the world in their own image. Are these the same or different? Does it matter? Is there a difference in darkness?

There is a battle occurring between good and evil. Perhaps you’ve also heard about a Great Awakening. It is an opportunity unlike any we will have in our lifetime. Whether our present time turns into an awakening depends on whether we, as both individuals and a society, turn to God by honoring what He honors.

The New Regime’s First Week

They issued over forty executive orders in their first week. All aimed at undoing the last four year’s peace and prosperity—our reprieve. The items below summarizes a list coming from The Epoch Times.[1] List access may require a subscription. If you don’t subscribe, you should consider. These orders include, but are not limited to;

  • Actions concerning covid, while at the same time admitting there is nothing they can do
  • Codifying abortion into federal law
  • Actions reducing energy independence and increasing foreign aid
  • Increasing the federal minimum wage to $15/hour
  • Rejoining the green energy Paris accord
  • Assessing ‘domestic extremism’ while re-evaluating foreign terrorism
  • Increasing government control to ensure equality

The economic and job losses related to these orders will be significant if followed. No legislative action occurred other than a second article of impeachment against the last U.S. President. Are our leaders headed in the right direction, returning us back toward God? What do you think? There are many questions to consider.

How Do We Know?

With evil comes oppression. It starts with division. A divided people cannot stand, because they are distracted from focusing on the real issue—identifying the evil present. After people have been divided, the next step is creating obedience—often to those governing. Next information is suppressed and pressure applied to those who don’t conform. Then people disappear. Finally, there are arrests and imprisonment. When these actions are discovered; they simply deny, deflect, and/or threaten.

So how do we proceed? First, we don’t live in fear. Fear is evil’s tool. Then we pray, reflect, and study. We must learn and discern what’s right. Evil does not what is good. Finally, stand and speak out for what is right, and do what is good. There should be no violence. We should help each other. This is all about truth. Turn away from those sources not speaking truth. Discern, speak, and follow truth. Follow God.


Covid, last year’s election, and the current financial market instability are each part of this new war. I’ll only mention covid here. A reminder. While covid is real, our reaction to it is not. The Enemy creates a crisis, using deception and fear. If caught, they deny their actions or accuse others of what they are doing.

China released covid. Analysis suggests a probability of about 98% it was created in a lab. Overblown death estimates produced fear. Working treatments were withheld. The elderly died, in some states by putting covid patients in their midst. Masks were first rejected, and later mandated. Businesses were shut down or their capacity reduced, unless your business was considered ‘essential’. Vaccines patented as gene therapy are now available. Why?

The Data

The number of overall deaths did go up. We’ll get to that in a moment. The numbers below come from the CDC.[2]


Number of Deaths

12 Mo. – Number of Deaths





























































































The data suggests an additional 200,000 deaths through June. But is it due to covid itself, or our reaction to it? Eighty percent of the deaths are over 65. In some states up to fifty percent of those were in long-term care facilities. Treatment was withheld until one was placed on a ventilator, when often too late for any treatment to help. Hydroxychloroquine use denied, while we can look to Africa to see it works.[3] We are still ordered to wear masks that science says don’t work, and likely worsened our health. [4] Shutting down economy and closing businesses has no effect. The states with the least restrictions are still doing better.[5] All designed to inflict pain on we the people ahead of the election. Why?

The new treatments don’t protect from getting covid, produce significant side effects, and may compromise your immune system—making you more susceptible to a future SARs virus. Dr. Gold goes into these in her recent video.[6] And I’ve not even discussed the fake testing rates. All lies. Why?


We eliminate the darkness with light. Talk to others. Identify those that understand and build on those relationships. But we not only need to know what’s right; we need to do it. I’m amazed at the number of people who agree, then get up, still put on a mask and walk away. Fear can be a powerful thing, but we aren’t to live in fear. We are being asked to build our own prison and finance it as well. We just need to say no and change our behavior.

Their power is based on the presumption there is an emergency. Is there? I assert putting the elderly with covid patients, exposing those vulnerable due to health conditions, and withholding treatments that work all led to greater deaths. According to the CDC’s own statistics only 6% of the listed deaths are due to covid alone.[7] The survival rate for those contracting covid is over 98.5% up to age 69, and increases to 99.9% for those under 20.[8] These are not statistics supporting an emergency. Instead they indicate involvement in the deaths by those in control.

Must Do What We Learn

We are still living in fear while crimes against humanity are created by those presently in control. It is no different with the untested vaccines patented as gene therapy. Europe recently rejected mandatory vaccinations. Animal study results for these drugs are not good, and even publishing the results have cost people their position and job.[9] This is evil. It is immoral. Just like wearing masks that don’t work.[10]

We must work together; individuals and businesses. No one can do it alone. Go back to work. Open our businesses. Put down the masks, unless you need to wear one. Do what is good, right and moral.

One quick note on the recent market turmoil. One independent news analyst provides a concise picture of what may be occurring. His view makes sense in the light of both policy and behavior.


We need to educate ourselves. The evidence is there. But we must spend the time to find it and reflect. That is our responsibility, whether the media is corrupt or not. A responsibility that comes with the freedom God gave us. Ultimately, education is too important for government involvement. I’ve outlined a solution to this problem in other places,[11] and other groups have developed similar approaches.

We are in a fight for our way of life and ability to live according to God’s word. The principles many have died to protect over the last two hundred years. Will we let the light go out? I don’t think so. I’m still optimistic. Will we awaken and return to God? I believe so. I have faith.


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